another meaningful message from madam vanessa

hello this madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s


I shared my special meaningful message. I would like to write and share this again with all of you

thank you ,  shelley Bristol,, aka , madam Vanessa

From our special paper , our panorama paper, that existed in las vegas from 1967-1975,  I think I have Xeroxed copies of these from being at  our wonderful place special collections libraby at unlv at  our lied libraby, my   Xeroxed ads are in the year 1970.thru -1972.

this paper started out to be delivered  to your home then for 8.00 dollars for 52 weeks.

our coupon-o rama  goodie page in 1970 from our panorama paper

this ad family restaurant uncle’ john’s,1404 fremont, which is close  on fremont to the right of Maryland pkwy, in the 1970’s I dine here for  breakfast with my boyfriend dan lee in 1972, this place had the best pancakes with strawberry syrup and yes this place was gone when I came back to las vegas in 1985.

in 1985 we had another uncle john’s on our las vegas strip by harmon, and today this is a denny’s.

in 1985 I met the manager of our uncle john’s on our las vegas strip to be a waitress and this interview I had with William, the manager , was all about who I knew in  las vegas and how my friend I knew then helped William, and that is I honestly got a job there , not on my waitress experience I had then, and this job was not meant for me in 1985, I would be at our poker palace in  north las vegas as a cocktail server for a few months where all casino employees pooled their tips. so I made no money and I left this job  after a fe w months.

-our ad from uncle john’s in 1970 was a coupon fro a free stack of buttermilk pancakes  , good thru mon- Friday and also every Friday at this cute place then we had  all the fish you can eat for 1.49.

another coupon is at our silver nugget casino in north las vegas

present this coupon with non- resident id. and this coupon you get a  pack of lucky nickels, a free cocktail while playing slot machines and free bingo

and a free bacon and eggs  breakfast  , from 11p.m- 11am

Here is my special message, I wrote about 2 years, when I starting  writing my biography of living in las vegas, nv in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

I do have a message for all women in 2013 and from the 1970’s from my own life , that this rough lifestyle of being a prostitute, that  from my own experience  as 18 year old hooker, that this lifestyle              is not  good for anyone

in 1972, I had dreams of getting , a bachelor of psychology at unlv , and I destroyed this goal by leaving unlv and flunking out of college by being lured by the street for sex and money, to sell my body, to strange men at this time. I could never ever get this goal back ever and being a young woman and being a seller of sex, I really destroyed with my heart and soul, all my special goals in life. I also write that I really hurt emotionally and physically from being a prostitute and I felt embarrassed about my life and this took a long time to get over this hurt. I  also write that when I came back to town, I felt all this emotional hurt again and  wondered, if the few people I  would re- meet in 1985 from twelve years ago , would throw this in my face my past or bring up the bad break up I had with my boyfriend dan in 1972 and no one did,

there is a meaningful message in my life story of being a hooker in 1972-1973, for 13 months of my life.

this is not a  glamourous life for anyone and yes when I  was seller of sex  at 18 years young , this is how this  felt , that I thought was so glamourous, to have money and apt, that I paid for and a car and I had no idea at this time, how much I could feel all used up inside and not want to be close or vulnerable to a man at a young age.

and I write as a hooker I took my life path down a different path, that will take your heart and soul, like my own experience, to have all my special purposes gone. this would take a long time to get this back,

I  had the courage to stop being a prostitute and  leave las vegas in july of 1973 and go  home to start my life all over and go home to  my parents and start over at junior college.

In February of 1985, I finally figured out I wanted to come back to our city of las vegas in march of 1985, I arrive here, I am so excited to get back here and I can be here and  care about myself and have special goals with a fresh start as  young woman at 31 years young.

I say to all of you,

There is always a way out of this life, if you want to get out and remember there is always hope to get back on the right path of life.

I have written this sincere message to help all  out there  on the streets, with  my heart and soul

and with love.

thank you for reading this today

shelley Bristol,  aka madam Vanessa,

yes everything I share and journal on this blog is legally copyrighted.

I  say to myself now with my journal, it is my time to write my book with all my memories.

thank you , madam vanessa


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