i note 3 stories at our caesar palace in 1972

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I just want to blog these notes.

at our caesar’ palace in 1972  my friend madam dee and I went to our Cleopatra’s barge to dance and  on a Saturday nite. I feel I went there a few more times with my friend dino and his clients for me in the evening.

I also met a big man at this pretty casino in 1972 as a hooker  in his room , that was pretty and his sexual desire for 50.00, scared me and I told him to call my pimp for another  callgirl then.

I  also had a lovely date at Caesar’s showroom to see  singer Diana ross , we were with another couple from san diego, this was a very good dinner show,o ur photos were taken at this showroom, the four of us and  I had to spend the nite with nice man as  hooker and this nice man was a  friend of office rocky road, is what I remember all this time.

I would to journal this on my blog. because I feel no one is listening on my facebook  page, when I was trying to help women. ,  2years ago.   from our facebook, I met this cute guy Michael katz, who told me  he could get me a sponsor for my radio show if I slept with him, which would never happen and I told this guy to screw off on his personal  message on facebook,

then  I blocked him on facebook

this man name is Michael katz, lives in las  vegas, maybe a sales man for real estate

last sunday , which would 2 years now I have not heard form this creep,

he showed at my apt door and told him to leave and also earlier this week, he tried to get in to my facebook.

yes this ,an Michael katz is on facebook trying to use and con women with  career and power on facebook,

so I journaled this today, to prove ,  Michael  katz, from las vegas is  harassing me  from my own experience  by putting this on my blog.

thank you.

shelley Bristol

this is madam Vanessa, signing off


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