my friendship with officer rocky roadin 1972-1973

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s,

from our ads in our gossip paper  , the panorama paper

a coupon   downtown casino center, next to the el cortz, rooms 6.00 dollars,

free cash, gambling script a breakfast , show, souvenirs

crest motel 207 n. 6th street, 382-5642

downtowner motel, 8 th ogden,

add 2.00 for fri and sat and holidays, this place would be by our el cortez then.

another ad is gigi hairstylists -formerly miss elizabeths, high styling or pin curls, expert hair cutting, wig sales, 2307 las vegas blvd so,

open 930-9p.m . tues thru- sat,

this paper  has our vegas vampire , real name jim parker with his photo, for a  columnist in our panorama paper and our special vegas vampire had his own horror movie show in the early 1970’s on channel5- in Henderson ,nv

In November of 1972, my friend buff t, our  resident dorm assistant on our 6th floor at Tonopah hall at unlv.

told me she is studying to get her master’s degree in social work with her friend office rocky road and my friend buff decide that  I should meet this nice man as a hooker , living on my own,

so officerr rocky road called me one day and came to my apt to meet in the morning,

we had coffee together and we chatted about how to be a safe hooker in las vegas, then and officer rocky road told me icould call him at the police station , if I needed his help ever and he suggested to put  up front a 100.00 bail bond, then which I could not afford and also this nice office of the law told me , my landlady in my apt complex can call the cops on me for being a prostitute and paying my rent with illegal funds, I belived this law, then. also this cop told me our bellman are dangerous to hookers with clients . staying there because , I could get beaten up or  set up to be arrested if I did not give  the bellman his 40 per cent of the date, which I always did then , you pay a bellman , right after you screwed a client in the hotel, the bellman is timing and waiting for you to come down to the bell desk to pay  him  his 40 percent.

I know for a fact bellman, cab drivers, bartenders, valet all were catering to men wanting to buy hookers in the 1970’s for a cut  of a prostitute date, later on I found floorman get their high rollers hookers and so will some limo drivers and this continued with these men in these  jobs getting men hookers staying in a hotel thru  out the late 1990/

would belive in the 1970’s we only 200-300 hookers in las vegas, then now we have at least 50,000 illegal prostitute in clark county today , according to Nevada brothel association, this means to me to be a seller of sex, this must be mean and competive and the pimps  must be brutal today.

I want to  write more about my honest friendship with officer rocky road

officer rocky road offered to give  dates with his friends that were cops and very nice and lived here and it was expected I would be very honest with my friend the cop and felt very protected as a hooker with him, and I  had to call him at the police station  for his help and for dates.  office rocky road fixed up with his friend a big man with black hair that was a sargent, a very nice man who wore a big silver money clip, that one day sargent silver coin , left , at my house, so the next day ifound this pretty silver money clip ,and I called our police station ,downtown to get a hold of office rocky road, to get his friend silver coin clip, back  and the sargent  came to my apt one morning and I gave him his pretty mone yclip back and that is how to police officers knew I was a nice and honest 19year old hooker then. I would talk to office rocky road at our police station, downtown, by our lady luck casino for the next 6 months of my life and I was glad I  had a friend as a cop. I only saw my friend the cop once when ilived in las vegas in 1972-1973.

and when I end my book , I am starting to write now, I will be back in las vegas, in march of 1985,  at officer rocky road work place, I say downtown,  and  I aslo say as madam Vanessa, I was so determined to find this nice man to get to las vegas , 12 years later, it took me 3 weeks to find with our information system in las vegas, to talk to him personally and let I will see him on apt made 2weeks advance and  for me to drive 300 miles to las vegas, hoping  he would remember  in 1985 and this honest and nice man knew what to say to me to prove he remembered me, and asking me if   I would like to see my friend buff t from our dorm ,who icannot remember at this time sadly. but it was great for me to see our downtown in 1985 and walk and park, far from this cop ‘s work place then.  This was quite a day for me in march of 1985, to start my new life in las vegas, with a good reference for a place to live and a job as a waitress.

I would always be grateful for my honest friendship with office rocky road as  young woman in 1972-1973 and how much he helped me then  and  in 1985 we re-meet again ,12 years later and I really appreciated all his help with getting me settled in our wonderful city of las vegas, then.

thank you, madam Vanessa,

ihope you liked  my very true story of my friendship with a cop in las vegas in 1972-1973 . this  is always a special memory to me always

signed . shelley Bristol

I am signing  off today

2 thoughts on “my friendship with officer rocky roadin 1972-1973

  1. Reblogged this on Welcome to Madam Vanessa LV. and commented:

    I wanted to write I would remain friends with my cop friend till 1999 and my cop friend left his job in 1972 to get a better in the city of las vegas and worked for our city of las vegas for 27 years until he passed with a long life and we all know this is not his real name, that I will not share with anything.
    thank you madam vanessa


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