in 1972 i left our unlv dorm in las vegas ,nv

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

In1972 I left  our college university at unlv and my dorm room on the 6th floor at our only dorm, Tonopah hall to  open up a business in selling sex with in a small studio apt with a bed and a phone. I became a prostitute.

The lure of the street stole my original dream of  obtaining  a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  After entering the world of prostitution , I knew I would never get back to my dream of being a psychologist. I was so emotionally damaged that is taken me about 26 years to once again to dream of attending college. in 1999 I proudly went back to college at our cs of Nevada at w. Charleston blvd.   I obtained a pell grant to attend college as a disabled and older student with a note -taker and a tutor for some of my classes at college. With our wonderful and special re-entry  and disability center at cs of Nevada I was provided with my college books and I got a scholarship for my businesses classes that I got very good grades in and my  goal of attending college was very important to me at 47 years young. I was a novice student making the dean’s list for the five year period I attended college.

I am writing  my book to help  women who thought of going into prostitution as a way to the pay the bills. My intent was to have them follow their hearts and their very special goals in their lives.

the book  I am writing is  called “hooker on a bicycle, a true story of a 1970’s  las vegas callgirl, by shelley Bristol.

my title of my book is very legally copyrighted. this book I am writing is intended always and somehow to replace my intial goal of getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology at unlv.  I really returned to our unlv campus  in 1990 and bring back the memories of what I lost. I really remember   walking around unlv campus where our psychology classes were taught and this was so painful then in 1990.

and I say I happily walk to our james Dickinson libraby at unlv  in February 1998 to see our very  pretty special collections libraby on the 4th floor with my new  friend , writer and researcher, Dennis Mcbride, who really helped research the panorama paper for all my 1970’s memories    of las vegas and  our very nice libraby staff at special collections was very nice and helpful to share my stories with them, and I learned I could write my autobiography of being a hooker when I was 19, like I thought about when I was at unlv in 1972, being a young woman on my own as a prostitute.

today I shared with the title of my book with my real name, shelley Bristol. I will share the two real reasons why I chose the title of my book, hooker on a bicycle.

I have written today with love.

shelley Bristol

you can support my cause to help women get  out of the prostitution as I write my book to inspire all women to have positive and constructive lives and always follow their dreams. by going to  my website. http://www.gofundme/ madam Vanessa.

thank you, madam vanessa


2 thoughts on “in 1972 i left our unlv dorm in las vegas ,nv

  1. Reblogged this on Welcome to Madam Vanessa LV. and commented:

    What I wrote about today was written almost 2years when I started writing my special scripts for my madam Vanessa radio show and talking about giving up my dream of obtaining a bachelor’s degree at unlv is 1972, is never forgotten, and I wanted to donate my writing originally to our women’s archives at unlv special collections to make a contribution, but now my special memories of my life living in las vegas in the 1970’s are in a closed writer’s file at our Nevada state museum, which is very special to me as a biographer.
    thank you , shelley bristol


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