in the 1970’s a bellman in las vegas .nv in our strip hotels then

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s, earlier today I was writing and sharing with you in the  1970’s of las vegas if women wanted to be prostitutes to make money with selling their bodies, they would have to know the right person to have a bellman, a bartender, a cab driver and a floor person get them sex dates with men staying in a hotel. please I say to all of these male employees using you as hooker just want  a cut of  your date and they will replace you for another hooker  for  many reasons, like someone younger, someone’s friend.

also I wanted to repeat that you could go on your own in the 1970;s or call a bellman  to meet him and tell him you want to work for as a hooker and then he might call you later to meet  in a hotel room and you have sex with because you belive  all his lies to get  you sexdates for  lots of money, and all that happened you were used sexually by  a man  who worked in a hotel then.  I let this happen to  me once , which did not feel so great ever, that I donot  forget.

Later on I would here how some limo drivers in our city have  prostitutes for their male clients and sometimes the client and the seller of sex woman have sex in the limo.

when I was a cocktail server at our special dunes casino, I knew the bartender , pimping his girls and taking  his cut and one nite this older bartender got arrested taking his cut, went to jail that nite , knew the right person and was at work the next nite, this bartender pimped girls a long time, at this casino.

Also at the dunes our bartenders let the prostitutes pick up men at the bars, which I guess is allowed in the 1980’s, I wondered how these woman survived there every nite with vice cops and security and we would all watch men pick up the working ladies of the evening. one  them one nite asked me if would like to be in a 3 some late at nite and I said no, I just didn’t want to  be used, beat up, ripped  off, or get v.d from a hooker and her client , besides  loose my job.

this was in 1986.

One story I was  told in the 1980’s that  a floo rperson use to get an older woman  100.00 dates for some time and  by the time she paid a few dates arrangers at the pit she mad 10 or 20.00 and I said when I heard this story.

I thought it  was no worth the risk ,I would leave the street for  10.00 as a hooker.

for me I at least made 20- 40 dollars in 1972 with local men that wanted to be with a young woman like myself

remember a bellman,  a cab driver,  a bartender or a limo driver, just use for a profit for themselves and keep a male customer happy at the hotel,

to me I thought all bellman were mean in the 1970’s is my experience.

and I wanted to write again it  feels very more than lousy for a bellman , cab driver that you screw that used  for his own selfish purpose.

thank you, madam Vanessa

shelley Bristol

this is  madam Vanessa, signing off now


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