About a casino vp in the 1980’s

hello, this is madam Vanessa las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

From our panorama paper.

in 1970.  The voice and piano of  norma king are a delightful combination in the new royal las vegas, with the proper this intimate “singing  sword, lounge could become very popular with the locals. this was such a pretty place where Debbie Reynolds was and  a little bit of our roy al crest now, I would hang out at this lounge with madam dee in 1973, at nite and there was music to listen to.  this place was not so crowded on the weeknites that dee and I visited. we had some success for guys to buy us drinks there.

this place had a very big  coffee shop and this place was still here in 1985.

in 1970 sonny and cher  our at our flamingo hotel and these great sing ing duo is still playing here at the Riviera , I, think in 1973, I liked their big hit in the 1960’s, I got you  babe.

this coupon says – present when  registering on the strip- 1/2 block north of sahara hotel

heated pool -t.v and telephone in every room.

rooms – 7.00- 2211  las vegas blvd. south, bagdad inn ,colonial house, 3231 las vegas blvd south.

this place colonial house was here still in 1998, I thought by convention center road.  I was a maid here in may of 1972 for a few days and I bicycled here a few days. this was too hard work for me being a maid then

the price with a coupon for both these little motels then was 7,00 a day, and 2.00  more on the weekend and one more guest paid 2,00 in 1970.

A vice president of the dunes casino in the 1980’s and at another gone casino, shared with these true stories, one year  ago, when this business  mentor , helped  me write a marketing proposal for  my past radio show.

In the 1980’s .   a hooker could make  maybe 300.00 dollars with a male client to spend the whole nite with a man as a prostitute at a strip hotel.

in the end of 1990’s I was told a seller of  sex could make only 100.00 spending the nite with a man in a hotel room. the price  for a hooker went down now.

this nice casino vp in the 1990’s told me he would let the hookers hangout in the hotel lobby and not bother them until the president of the casino came into the hotel and then he asked the prostitutes that were too leave and I thought this was nice that the ladies of the evening were left alone at one strip casino and there were a lot of women there trying to make money from customers staying in this hotel on our las vegas strip

shelley Bristol

you can support to help all women get off the  street by  going to my website. http://www.go fund me.com

thank you , madamvanessa


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