something to special to alwaysto remember

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s

my title of my book is hooker on a bicycle, a true story of 1970’s  las vegas callgirl,. by shelley Bristol,  my real biography of living in las vegas in the 1970’s as a hooker with messages to help all women to get off the street and out of the prostitution trade.

the reason , why I decided this to be my title of my book is for 3reasons,

the first is I saved up enough money to buy a blue azuki  ten speed bike, for 50.00, when I lived at our unlv only dorm, Tonopah hall in 1972, to travel around our campus and travel all over our city of las vegas then by ten speed bike,

the second reason is I  studied and took class with dr koettel , psychology 103 and I was supposed to write summaries of psychology articles and  in a journal for a good grade and I wrote the title of my book in this class and and wrote in a journal that  I turned in this class about my life as a hooker , so I got a  d in the class.

and the last reason I call my book hooker on a bicycle, is because in 1972,  I took a bike ride to get a job as snak bar cook to our ice capades chalet and my life changed once I met my boyfriend dan lee working there,  who lured into being a young prostitute, after I lost  my job , to support myself and live with him then also.

my life would totally change now. I dressed in tight clothes and wore cheap makeup and pumps as  young woman being a prostitute and  my life of dressing as a young college women in sweaters and jeans and carcoats and boots was over and so was my  goal of going to college once I became a seller of sex for sex and money. our ice capades chalet was in our commercial center in the 1970’s, in our san franciso square, on the Karen ,side of commericial center , now Nevada roller hockey center owned by nice man dan and his family

I shared with  you the 3 reasons why I call my book,

hooker on a bicycle, a true  story of a 1970’s lasvegas callgirl by shelley Bristol

thank you, madam Vanessa,

you can support my cause by donating funds to help me write and publish my book at

sincerely, shelley Bristol

now I close, that I starting writing my book about my life with messages on this  journal.


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