a 1000 fine for soliticitation in las vegas, nv for propostiting a man for sex and money

hello this is  madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I would like to share a very sincere message to help all of you, on the street.

I would like to share first our special panorama ads from my scrapbook.

Photo isle is here -free prizes, at Conoco car wash at sahara  and Maryland.

this ad is from the year 1970 and this car wash was here for some time in the 1980’s and  a busy place. there were not many  full service car washes on Maryland pkwy, I belive the one by Maryland and harmon  got built later.

another ad say erni marshall, panorama columnist and tv and radio personality gives his right hand and pledges support to james b. Kelly in mr Kelly’s race for the position of justice of the peace in north las vegas then in 1970.

the radio stations herein the 1970.’s  were  keno ,klav and we had a rock station then also, maybe komp. speaking of radio show , my past radio show was at sahara and  torrey pines and  I thought about my madam Vanessa radio show today and wanted to remember where I  parked my car , took an elevator upstairs to get our klav and vegas allnet radio and I wished I had one photo of beside outside , next to the door, but  oh well, that did not happen.

in our panorama  paper in 1970 erni marshall column, says muckraking places real issues

mr marshall is quoted- a real toss up between George franklin and roy woofter for district attorney, maybe in las vegas, the columnist then has written- both candidates for this post are a-1 in my book and  no further comment

I share with all of you today if you thinking about being a seller of sex in clark county in las vegas , nv today,

if you get arrested  as a hooker  by propostiting a man for sex and money,  you go to jail and pay a 1000 fine ,with the possibility of 6 months in jail and you need to pay a bail bonds man 150.00, to get out of jail.

and once arraigned in court you go in front of  judge, the district attorney and  you need your own legal counsel and last year thru my  business network, I met on judge who’s court you would be in if you got arrested and this judge has been in our court system for some time and goes by the book.

also if you get arrested you will get a misdeamor on your record, which might make it tough for you to get a job and when you arrested as a seller of sex for solitication , you get tested for hiv./aids and if you test postitive for hiv/ aids.

you go to jail as a felony and   also you are not healthy being hiv. positive.

I wrote  to help all of and  think about the consequences today of being a hooker.

thank you madam Vanessa

shelley Bristol

you support my cause as I share my experiences and my message by donating to my cause at  my website, www. gofundme.com/madam Vanessa

I hope I can   reach  one woman with my messages and my  true stories of being a hooker in las vegas in 1972-1973 and I say as madam Vanessa, saving one girl at  time.

this is madam Vanessa, signig off for today


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