a message for all women thinking about being a prostitute for sex and money.

hello las vegas, and all over the world, this is madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s, i sure have  had a tough time trying to correct this website with downloading to google chrome to  keep my website going

the message i wanted to share with all of you if you out there thinking about being a seller of sex, this job of sex and money is not easy,

i wanted to write today  a  man who want to buy a woman for sex, wants you only to please him and he want not to be gentle with you sexually, most men from my own expereince want very rough sex and want to get off very fast.  a john want to really screw you and really push into you very hard and yes your vagina gonna get sore and maybe bleed from having rough sex or the condom can pop off with rough sex and when it comes to oral sex. to give  a man a blow job, the man want to shove his dick  all the way down your throat and you better take this man’s penis down your throat and too bad if you feel like your gonna choke or throw up, like i experienced making money as 19 year old hooker in 1973 and think about this also when you giving a man oral sex, when he climax, you better swallow all his come or that john gonna get very mad at  you and maybe take his money back and i wanted to also write you catch vid. from oral sex, no man want to wear a condom for a good paid blow job.

i write this message from my own experience to help all  you out on the street.

i want to share my real life story of being a hooker in 1972 in las vegas when i was ninteen years young to inspire all of you to have  positive and constructive lives and  to always fulfill your dreams in life.

and i close with  i say as shelley bristol, with my real name, saving one girl at a time.

i dedicate all my writing and my sincere messages to help all of you and to make a difference for all of you.

thank you for reading my blog.

this is madam vanessa signing off  for today


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