marlin bray in a 21 dealer in 1973

hello , this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the  town 1970’s

I continue to share with all  of about my last companion date in 1973 when I was 19 years young. I met my new friend marlin bray thru a bellman working swing shift at our Tropicana hotel , the bellman name was larry and very attractive to me,

larry called  for a date  and  told me this was a favor to someone who worked at the hotel  and  he told me to charge marlin 40.oo with no fee.

so I got dressed and went to marlin apt and met  marlin at his apt on giles by reno and yes, I have visited this place in the 1980’s and 1990’s. which was close on lv. blvd to our sunset lounge pass lv blvd and Tropicana and this old apt building is a condo bldg. now.

and for marlin date with me in  February in 1973 , I met him at nite at his place and  I met marlin who was cute and  nice and 15 years older than me.

I walked into to his apt and he gave 40 dollars upfront and told he did not want to screw me. , that was fine with me.

so we just chatted and we both  liked each other so. I told him to call me.

a few days later we just had lunch  at our  zodiac sandwich shoppe, which always had great sandwiches on the corner of Maryland and Tropicana close to our moby grape nite club.

marlin bray father was larry bray, a floorman at our Tropicana hotel,

later in 1973 marlin and his father got new jobs at our mgm hotel, a floor person told me this when I was a cocktail server at our plaza hotel  in 1986 and I was  married then so, I did not check this information.

when I came back to las vegas, I looked for marlin in our 1983 phone book and then I put a personal ad in our newspaper in 1985 and no luck to find marlin.

I like marlin and I felt time caught up with me and I had to leave our city of las vegas, since I couldnot be a prostitute  in las vegas, everything felt so painful to me

marlin was also divorced with his wife and children and they lived on Amarillo by  east di. and eastern, I will drive by this street one day and visit giles where marlin lived one day.

there really is a message  here dating marlin bray who was 15 years older  than me and  and  as I look back at this short relationship, that I would remember when I starting my real life story in 1998 and remember what I allowed marlin to do me as I was naïve and sweet and young at 19.

this is madam Vanessa signing off for today

shelley bristol


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