the real reason, i will not see 21 dealer marlin bray in las vegas, nv 1973

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s. today’s memory of my life being a hooker in las vegas.nv  in 1973 at 19 years young , i will not share on twitter.

My friend marlin and my companion date had convinced ,since i was naïve at 19 ,that he could get me expensive dates as a young prostitute and marlin also . told me he wanted 50 per cent of these dates , which never happened. Marlin did say he was sorry for none of this happening and telling the bell  desk  not to call me for dates anymore  and i could not get the bell desk at the Tropicana to get my dates as a prostitute ,which was very hard to get that connection, to make better money as  a young prostitute, so i lost that  business for me.

marlin decided to pretend to get me expensive dates at the Tropicana hotel  from the men staying at this hotel,

so marlin told i should spend the next four nites at his apt  and feel what is like to spend the nite with a stranger for sex and money.

first of all i never slept with marlin, those four nites for thinking i was his girlfriend , he lied and told me maybe i would get a date from the hotel, which never happened,

then marlin decided since i want  to be an expensive prostitute  working in a hotel and could  few thousand in a month, which was never true.

my companion date decided to hit on my leg with a belt and told as a hooker i  should take this from a man paying for my sexual services. of course someone hitting you with a belt hard on my leg would hurt and i cried and  i had a big bruise on my leg. for a few days

so the next day i left marlin apt and i did not call him. he  called me a month later and wondered why i  had not called him.

this really hurt me emotionally and  for the four nites i stayed  at marlin’s apt , he was not affectionate to me and i also lost business  to  pay my bills then.

this all emotionally hurt me then and i forgot all this when i came back to our city of las vegas, nv in march of 1985, looking for marlin bray and i felt  like time  caught  up with and i had to leave las vegas in may of 1973 and i wanted to find marlin bray

which i did not then and in 1998 when i started to write my real life story of living in las vegas in 1972-1973 as callgirl,

i remembered all about marlin and when i look back at this one month relationship with him, things were not nice.

so, i say as shelley Bristol.

there was a message about this relationship for me to see.

this was painful for me to write  and share this with all  of you

i write today that being a callgirl and selling your body for sex and money is not so safe or glamourous. like we all think

men look at hooker as a object they can use to have no meaning sex  and get their rocks off and i guess a hooker looks like this for survival and a way to pay the bills which is not so safe, where you can get beat up, ripped off , catch v.d and get very sick and get arrested for solitication and go to jail.

thank you for reading my journal today

this is madam Vanessa, signing off for today

shelley Bristol. 0ct0ber 5.2015


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