now that i admitted something

hello, this  is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I wanted to share this , message that I too was hit by a man with a belt  by my new companion marlin in 1973 as a hooker. this man thought I could take this and this really hurt, just to hit me on the leg and really bruise my leg.

I cried from this pain inflicted on me. so, if you out there thinking about being a prostitute for sex and money, it is possible  for a man buying  hooker will hit you for maybe sexual kicks, or slap because he wants his money or just hit to rip you off.

this is one reason. I left las vegas so I would not get beaten up as young woman of 19, selling her body, I  wouldnot want anyone to hit as a callgirl. I want all of you to think about .

and when I thought of marlin , when I came back to our city of las vegas,nv, I forgot he hit me to see if take this for a male client

paying for sexual services. I blocked this all out of mind and then  I remembered as  I started to write my book of my memories of being a callgirl in las vegas in 1972 when I was 19 years young. in the year 1998.

I am going to write on this blog a very special tribute to my mother with love

and try to remember our special times we shared in las vegas in the 1970’sthru 1990’s.

thank you madam Vanessa

. I will also write  messages to  always sincerely help all  of you stay out of the street , so you do not take serious risks with your life and always fulfill your dreams in life and never sell yourself short and give up on life , and get lured into the very rough world of prostitution , for sex and money

shelley bristol


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