A special and very pretty las vegas strip hotel in 1973

hello this madam vanesssa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

in 1973 I finally get a call to have a bellman get dates as a prostitute from our beautiful and classy hotel the Tropicana by lv. blvd and the Tropicana. I can now go walk around this hotel at nite or day and visit our bellman for dates or call them on the phone. they are nice bellman. I also can sit and buy drinks at this pretty lounge with music and chat with men for possible dates. this sounds so glamourous to all of us.  yes it was fun for I week at nite to listen to live music, I think the group playing in only one lounge was sam butera. I was really there with my friend dee and many men bought us  bottle of champagne’s to drink with  drinking  glasses. my friend dee and I were allowed to sit in this lounge and either propostion men for money and sex or the bellman were supposed send us dates,so we had no fear of vice throwing us out of the lounge as hookers.

honestly the  bellman at this hotel never gave us dates at the lounge . I was on my  own to  pick up men for money as a prostitute.  The price I could ask a well dress man at this lounge was a 100.00 . I had no fear to walk up to an older man  for this kind of money but I was still scared of getting arrested as a hooker by hotel , plain clothes cops. I did this once, I asked a very good looking man in his50’s if  he would like to party with for sex for 100.oo and then I asked him for his i.d and if he was staying at  this hotel and  he said yes and I told him once I get up to his room I want a 100.oo for an hour and he agreed to this

then we left the lounge and went up to his room. I felt I had  lots of nerve in me to ask a stranger for this kind of money for sex and to sleep with a stranger, that did not live here,

the risks I took going up to a strange man room to get undressed with I could have beat up badly or robbed or never paid for my services. I was a luck young lady with this nice looking and quiet man . we just went up to his room, got into to his room.

he gave me my 100.00 upfront , then we got undressed on his bed and laid down  had easy sex and that was my 100.oo date in a nice hotel in 1973. it was very scary to propostion a strange man and be that bold

I wanted to make money as a young hooker on my own in las vegas, like everyone else and have the bell desk get my dates for 50.oo a trick and the bellman cut was 40 percent so they got 20 dollars of my date. I realized as a prostitute I could make more money as a hooker with our local men that want to screw a young woman like myself  for 30.00 was the going rate in 1972-1973 and this was  an easier wa y to make money by having guys at my home at my little studio apt on naples by our unlv college campus. this lifestyle of screwing men for sex and money was not glamourous and was a very risky lifestyle for a young woman like myself.

I would like to share another message from the year 1973 at our Tropicana hotel with a callgirl and her client with all of you.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today

shelley Bristol

I am thinking about sharing our sentimental paper of gossip our panorama paper ads in the 1970’s with all of you  next time I write on my blog- website.

I will share another message


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