for my best friend bruce

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970′.s

in September of 1972 when I live at my dorm at Tonopah hall , I met my best friend bruce yates who was visiting my roommate carol, bruce’s friend.

my new friend bruce told me in 1972 he was working for las vegas casting as  jewelry designer with owner Enrique salanzo which was upstairs in in an office with other jewelers like cerone,jewelers with my boyfriend dan friend al k.

cerone was a well known jewerler and would move to e. sahara by Maryland pkwy, I was told in 1985 and las vegas casiting moved to w, Charleston and Decatur becoming van buren and cox and closed in 2005. mr salanzo , the original owner of las vegas casting started being a jeweler in las vegas, nv in 1967.

I want to jump to a different topic.

I believe ever since I came back  to our special city of las vegas in 1985, I have wondered  when I was 19 years young in the month  of October 1972, I met  a very cute and Italian lawyer that I slept with money for a few times named tony and I always wondered who was the person, I never find anything about this man in our panorama paper in 1998, so I constantly ask anyone about this fact,

so yesterday I finally met a woman who worked at our court from 1975-thru the 1990’s.

this woman told attorney tony abbantangelo , that I met in 1972 was a divorce and  criminal attorney for maybe 20 years in las vegas and this good looking man passed away in the early 1990’s and died before his 60th b-day later and the  lawyer abbantangelo that I met in 1972  did not see his son become

judge. so I finally got my research on this attorney and it feels weird that I finally got this information that I searched for a long time without begging a legal person for this information.

I will continue talking about my best friends bruce yates and mike smith  who worked for las vegas casting jewelery designs in 1972 and 1973 in las vegas, nv.

right now, I have misplaced my  book of messages, that I worked so hard to write and to remember to help all of you, so when I find my book, I will continue to  share my messages.

thank you madam Vanessa-

shelley bristol


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