this a very true story of 3 women in 1998 in las vegas,nv

hello, this is madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970;s

i wrote yesterday about being a bartender at our bar the ram’s head in 1998-1999, this was a rough and busy bar on graveyard for me always and this bar was right across from our strastopshere  casino in our naked city of las vegas.nv

at my bar the police come in to allways check people i.d and bother me about all my work permits that were valid.

iwanted to say in this area, many people work here in many jobs.

one week i finished my shift of graveyard, i was resting at home and it was on the news that 3 young women that  were illegal prostitutes were all murdered by their dates, one women was found shoved up an air shaft in one the small motels in this area.

this was all about these women being prostitutes and these wer e3 young women all murdered in the same week. these young women were someone’s daughter and should not   have to die for selling their body as a way to make end meet

i thought to myself as i watched the news in the early evening. it is 25 years later that i was a hooker in 1973 and now women are getting killed being a hooker. i  cried from this and i felt helpless, that there was nothing  i could do, i felt if i  would have called our metro to help out, they would have laughed at me.

when i went back to work  all my  customers and myself were very scared for more than a week and probably stayed in my bar on  my shift longer. one male customer said being a hooker can get you killed these days and this sounded awful to me.


i made sure for a few  weeks when i went into the bar i had a person walk me  into the bar and walk out to my car when my shift ended.

i still kept people in my bar longer for a few weeks later.

now that i shared all about this  very  true story in our city of las vegas,nv in 1998, this message was sincerely meant to help all of you out on the street.

i wanted to share with all of you when i had my madam vanessa, radio show till feb 2015, i shared this story on my radio show and no one knew that this was a very true story and i hope everyone beleived me.

so i say to  all of  you being a illegal prostitute for sex and money in 1998 is very dangerous and you can risk your own life as hooker.

i share with all of don’t ever  give up on life and get lured into the street, to compromise yourself selling your body to men for sex and money. life is too short to hurt emotionally and physically as a seller of sex and you should always  believe in yourself and follow what it is your heart.

i hope  if out thinking about being a  illegal prostitute, that you read this very sincere message to help all of you, stay off the street and out of the prostitution trade. i have other messages that i  will continue to share with you

thank you for reading my blog today.

this is madam vanessa signing off today.








Being a bartender in 1998-1999 in las vegas, nv in our naked city,

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s.

I work as a bartender in 1998-1999 on graveyard shift for one year.

this bar is known for hookers coming into this bar late at nite and men looking for hookers late at nite.

as a bartender, I know if I let a prostitute proposition a customer at my bar and a vice cop is there  I could be arrested for this and I knew this as a bartender.

also at this bar men come into my bar and ask where are the working ladies, a slang for hookers and  I would collect there money for a drink and then ask these men are you cops and then these men trying to find a woman as a seller of sex at my bar leave.

sometimes  a few hookers from this area come into my bar , to sit and talk and drink with customers , but these women knew not to  ask men for a sex date with money other wise , I would ask the girl to leave.

at this busy and rough bar I would find rubbers in the trash inthe ladies room and sometimes, I got very upset that I found a needle for drugs in the trash and my bar maintence  would get the needle. many times I find these things in my ladies room. it was creepy.

I would find out in this area our woman that our illegal prostitutes l

live in old hotels or rent these old rooms for  a sexdate. sometimes I

heard. these woman who work in this rough area by the  our old vegas casino, now a different place rides with  men in the car and have sex

for 10 or 15.00 and they would do this many times and think I made 100 for the day . this is so dangerous to have sex with  a man for money in a car where you could get v.d, beaten up. badly  ripped off and be thrown our of a car onto the street naked or be kidnapped, how  frightening.

I also was told in this area a lot o women who  were sellers of sex, selling their body were homeless and maybe living in their   car had no choice but to sell their bodies for ten dollars to survive- how sad.

when I bartend at this place, I have to be escorted into the bar by

someone and one time I came into my grave yard shift and there was a shooting around this area in the early morning and my bar was full since every one was scared. I was always walked out to my car in the daytime by  customer always. this bar was always busy and being in this rough area I kept my bar maintence cleaner in this bar with my longer when I had no customers. I took this job to be  a bartender  and make a living.

this bar the ram’s head would close down after 6m onths , il ieft  this place. the owner tom had this place a long time and this bar became a

wedding chapel. I have one more true story as a  message from this rough area of the naked city in 1999. that really made the news and not to many people remember this. to me this is a very important true story to share with all of you. that I will share next time I get on my website.

this is madam Vanessa

signing off today

shelley bristol


a few thoughts from madam vanessa

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

I wanted to write today if out there thinking about being a hooker  for all the glamour of sex and money,i wanted to share this with you.

if you get arrested in clark county for propositioning a man for sex and money  , first you get test for hiv/aids and if you had unprotected sex with a man for money and you test posititve for hiv. aids you go to jail as a felony and your going to prison for a long time  being very sick with hiv. aids virus.

also when you have your trial for getting arrested as  seller of sex today, you   pay 1000 fine and  , when you go to court you have to pay an attorney and you go in front of a judge with the district attorney for sentencing of the crime  of being arrested as an illegal prostitute. I  would  not want to face a judge on any crime and I say as madam Vanessa, is this worth to you.

I am surprised to see so many ads for bail bonds  with solitication , which  is  being arrested for being an illegal prostitute in clark county.

I also wanted to share with all of you today in my message, in 1972-1973, when I was a young woman on my own as a hooker at 19 years  young, I lost  some of my sex clients because I got v.d many times and I could not work and this was expensive to go to a doctor and get  antibiotics probably every other month.

the doctor visit and the medicine would cost me more than earning money as a hooker then.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today.

shelley bristol



it is illegal to be a hooker inclark county , nevada,

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town  1970’s,

I say again it is illegal to be a prostitute in  las vegas, nv which is clark county.

if you get arrested as  seller of sex you will go to jail, pay a 1000 fine, also you need a bail bonds person to 150.00 t0 get you out of jail and you have a misdeamenor   on your record.

also as  working  as an illegal prostitute in clark county, you can get beaten up very badly by  client paying you for sex, you can also get very very sick by having unprotected sex and some clients will offer you more money for unprotected sex. you take many more chances of getting sick with v.d with many sex partners and of course some clients want to rip you off and not pay you. and I say to all of you I have experienced all this as  19 year  old hooker in 1972 and 1973, in las vegas, nv   and I never got arrested ever then. so if you out there thinking about being a seller of sex,   read what I write today. I am here to help all  of you. according to Nevada brothel association , in clark county we have 50,000 illegal people working as hookers, this had to be very rough and very competitive to live in this  very risky life style today, which always appeals glamorous for sex and money to some people.

I wanted to share do not ever sell yourself short and give up on life and be  lured in the street as  seller of sex and give up on your special dreams in life. I lost my special goal when I was 19 years young as prostitute which was a bachelor’s of psychology at unlv in 1973 and I could never get this dream back once I walked the streets as a seller of sex in 1972-1973 as a young woman on my own in las vegas, nv


I wanted to share with all of you if out on the street and want to get healthy and clean here are a few good suggestions:

You can go the center in las vegas, nv at marlyand pkwy and e. Charleston blve about 930am to 4pm for free testing of std’s and hiv. aids  testing. this place also has condoms , to practice safe sex.

at the corner of marland pkwy and sahara on almond tree lane ste#306, is community outreach clinic, which is reasonable and has very good health care for women run by dr. savedra and this place is open mon -thurs   about 9-4 and Friday 9am-12noon.

for job training you have good will connections, Nevada job connect on Maryland pkwy by twain across from the blvd mall and you also have Nevada partners for job training.

if you would like to talk to a student therapist you have our university of phoenix, south west, tel# 702-352-0401,

unlv has student therapists with a small fee , tel#702 895-3011,

and community counseling around Maryland pkwy and e. sahara rd , has a small fee with a student therapists.

I thought this was important information to share with all of you today.

thank you , madam Vanessa

shelley bristol





to dan lee , my boyfriend in 1972 , las vegas, nv from shelley bristol

Hello this is madam Vanessa , las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

I wish to share with allof you today a little about my boyfriend dan lee, that I met in las vegas, nv , when I was 18years , I met my boyfriend dan at our ice capades chalet  as a snak bar attendant there owned by figure skater  Ronnie Robertson in our san franciso  shopping center in our special commercial center by Maryland and  Karen ave. I have walked thru this  commercial center many times to remember this  place and my boyfriend since 1985.  this place is now our Nevada roller hockey center owned by a very nice man named dan, that I have chatted with, this place is open at nite and has a hockey shop and the  owner of this place now kept this place just to look  like it is from the 1970’s.


I met dan , my boyfriend here, one afternoon as he was arguing with mrs Robertson on the upstairs as I was leaving my job after shift and dan askedout for lunch. I  was attracted t0 dan with him being tall and having brown hair, pretty blue eyes and a mustache and he had a car.

dan took me and my ten speed bike into his car that day and we went out for lunch to a fast food  place and we ate in his big chevy car. I wanted to write this bike ride I took one day to our ice capades chalet to get a job would change my life forever .

my boyfriend dan  gonna lure  me into being a prostitute to , thinking this dangerous lifestyle for me is so glamorous and a way for me to pay bills with dan and dan gonna use me to get things he needs, because I want to be with him and I wanted to be my boyfriend at  18 years young and I am very naïve and vulnerable then in 1972.

after I met dan I lasted about 2 more weeks at my job  as a snak bar attendant and I fell very fast for dan with one kiss.

this relation I had with was all about sexual passion between two people. and dan was using me but I donot  I knew any better at 18 yearsyoung.

I want to remember a good memory of my boyfriend dan which is eating at our uncle john’s place in 1972 with their great pancakes and strawberry syrup for 10 months which was on Maryland and fremont, which I really look for in 1985, which is gone now.

I will continue to write and share about this relationship in 1972 with dan and me, I have lots of messages for all of you, if you out there thinking about being a prostitute, please listen to me with this.

and  the many reasons, I choose to write  about this was  get motivated to write  my very sincere messages to help all of you and to start to write my  book and my feelings about dan as a biographer, feels like I can go back to my apt in 1972 on 777 naples where I lived in a small studio apt in las vegas, nv and  it is like I feel dan laying next to me and cuddling with me, in my  bed, watching tv on our Saturday nitesin October  1972.

thank you madam Vanessa,

shelley Bristol

I have lots of stories to share with you on  life with my boyfriend dan.





december 1972

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

on December 1972 I was with my friends ron and  his date at our copper cart  bar , where my friend worked here as a bartender.

we were all together in a week nite. having cocktails at the copper cart all dressed up for the nite. the three of us waited for my date to show up, who never came.

then ron , his date  a very nice woman and myself walked over to a new place next to the copper cart, called the peppermill which had a lovely lounge with a fireplace. this was the grand opening of our peppermill lounge and restaurant then

the grand opening party was in our lounge with free appetizers and you had to buy drink I think,

our press was here and interviewing many people.

the party in the lounge was not that crowded and everyone was dressed up.

this was lovely party, I donot think I visited the peppermill lounge in 1973 because I really hung out at our copper cart lounge with my friend and neighbor ron  who was our day bartender there.

I would see our pretty peppermill lounge with my mom and dad for lunch in 1985 and this place had great food then and today with great big portions.

the lounge in this place is so pretty.

later on in 1986-1988, I would hang out this gorgeous lounge late at nite with my best friend Julie after working our cocktail shift at the dunes casino.

I would always drink a peppermint schnapps with hot chocolate.

this was a nice place to hang out and feel comfortable late at nite always and me and my friend Julie, another cocktail server from the dunes, could always relax here  after eight hours of serving drinks to our customers at the dunes casino.

I would continue to dine at the peppermill many more times for the great food and service to the present.

this is madam Vanessa,

signing off today

shelley Bristol


i was a cocktail server at our dunes casino from 1986-1990

I meant to say I did not join rita and her date at the dunes in 1987

Welcome to Madam Vanessa LV.

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I was thinking about sharing this story from our dunes casino as a cocktail server in 1987 in las vegas, nv

my station at  this to serve drinks was in our ricks bar we had good entertainers, like  singer don cherry, darcus speed, Dianne ellis, my favorite singer was Barbara graham and earl turner, these performers would go to rio,  awhile ago.

at our ricks bar this  lounge had 3 bar stools and always at nite  you had ladies of the evening selling their wares and men came up to men.

I also knew who  vice in the hotel and I have no idea if a hooker ever got arrested in this hotel.

I wanted to say for many months , I always saw this nice looking woman named rita that was  a prostitute at our rick’s bar…

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