a place in las vegas called the village pub

hello this  is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town1970’s,

our village pub which was a fine Italian restaurant started to be a our ellis island casino where the lounge is now.

the good place to dine was there in the 1970’s and 1980’s

my best friend bruce in 1973, at 17 years young saved his money and got  all dressed to take me to this good dining place for a nite out togethter.

the food was lovely and so was my date with my best friend. I like remembering this memory of being with my best friend bruce.

I also remember  saying goodbye to bruce in july of 1973 with his mom when I did not want to leave him then , but I had to go home to the valley that Saturday afternoon.

I would see bruce a few months later in the valley in calif.

that would be it for me and bruce till I  moved out to las vegas in 1985 and then we finally re meet with bruce and my best friend , mike smith and his girlfriend at our cooler lounge which is  still here  by Decatur blvd and  lake mead, I hear this is a biker bar, which would not scare me. I would like to drive out to see this place to remember re meeting my friend bruce after 13 years and bruce was married with  family at 31  years old now.

the last time I would see my best friend  bruce from the year 1972 would be in 1998 and we spent time togethter and I have photos from this and I guess that is all it is meant to be for me to see bruce.

I would see our village pub  restaurant again in 1986 with my friend  dave, I met from the dunes , we had lunch there and the food was always great and still a little bit fancy.

then our village pub moved to e. flamingo road  by pecos  awhile ago by a car wash I had noticed .

then much later someone told me this place was by w. Tropicana and ft apache and then this place moved southwest.

the more I write lately, I wish I could get in my car and drive to our east side, to remember many places , I’d be at so long ago.

to write my  special tribute to my mom, I must visit our antique mall on e. Charleston  before eastern, to remember how much my mom liked to be here and look at antiques with me.

in 1985 and 1986 and I did not  realize we one block away to the right to our crestwood center, our adult center, that I thought was gone  then. I also like to remember being with my mom and dad in our commercial center in 1993 at our wharf restaurant , now spotlite bar and in 1993 in commercial center you had a thrift store and a resale boutique and antique store, that my mom and I visited and shopped at.

thank you , this is madam Vanessa, signing off today

shelley Bristol, for now , I have misplaced my book of messages to help all  of you , but I will find this book and   repeat all my important message to keep all women off the street


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