it is march of 1985, when i first come back to las vegas, nv from 12 years ago.

hello, this is  madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I wanted to journal on my website about how it felt to come to las vegas, nv in 1985 at 31 years young all excited that I got here again with a very fresh and happy start in life.

I have a past of being a hooker from 12 years ago. I need a place to stay now and our circus circus having great deals to stay there, but I cannot stay there , I was hooker there with our bellman in 1972, so that felt uncomfortable, but I do find  a place to stay downtown close to our Nevada job connect which was called our unemployment office and 8 th and carson and I am close to drive to our culinary union. to get settled here in 1985 which was my first job was at our poker palace in north las vegas as  a cocktail server for a few months.

on the first weekend iam here I go to  my favorite place to see our ice capades chalet which all open for me to walk thru  in our commercial center .

At this time at commercial  center we have a business called escort service, which I know is a business for people to have women or men as prostitutes with a sheriff card and the business owner of this place gets a cut of the date. I would later find out that this 2 businessmen that were  my pimps had many businesses to exploit women in our city of las vegas, in the 1980’s

but when I first see this escort business in commercial center, I know my 2 pimps own this business and I ‘ll prove I am right the next business they open up in 1990.

this all hurt to find these business owners that are pimps and lure women into prostitution for sex and money and then I feel these women cannot get away from these cruel men in the 1980’s today we have less escort  services. I did  here last year  an escort date from a 2013 business  made 750.00 for hours and the business got half of this date and that is all I know.

anyways to our escort service in commercial service  in 1985, I went there to apply there in april of 1985 and the person working there told me I could make very good money swinging with couples and giving the escort service 50 per cent and I need a sheriff card for this job as a prostitute, where I could be ripped, get v.d and get beat up.such a safe job.

so I  got the application out of  being curious and then this place called to give a green slip to get a sheriff card ,that I would have to pay for which has to 35,00 or less then.

our sheriff’ dept is in 1985 is at fifth and fremont, with no lines

and I did not have to wait at  all to see a sheriff. the nice sheriff took his time, to tell me it was okay to be an escort and work if I would like as a prostitute and this nice man wanted to give a work permit for this service job for 3 months and come back again and there was also on the news on tv regarding this job, your work permit is for clark county so if you get arrested as an escort in the city of las vegas, you can lose your sheriff’s card.

I always remember I told this nice sheriff, who wanted to let me an escort in 1985, I donot want to be a hooker and I value my life as young woman and I guess this man  who give out work permits that a young woman said no I don’t want to be used or exploited by men or women. and I left our sheriff office.

and iguess in april  of 1985 I am glad to be serving cocktails at our poker palace- . 5 days a week with an honest job.

when I think  back about this story I was creeped this escort service existed in commercial  service and very hurt this exists in our city of las vegas with tourists that are men and very hurt, my real pimps in 1972 own this business and I chose with my feelingsnot to tell anyone, figured all this information on my own and that is how I survived and later in 1990 the 2 businessmen opened other businesses in commercial center and to this day no one believes me with my honest facts.

this is madamvanessa signing off today

thank you


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