i was a cocktail server at our dunes casino from 1986-1990

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I was thinking about sharing this story from our dunes casino as a cocktail server in 1987 in las vegas, nv

my station at  this to serve drinks was in our ricks bar we had good entertainers, like  singer don cherry, darcus speed, Dianne ellis, my favorite singer was Barbara graham and earl turner, these performers would go to rio,  awhile ago.

at our ricks bar this  lounge had 3 bar stools and always at nite  you had ladies of the evening selling their wares and men came up to men.

I also knew who  vice in the hotel and I have no idea if a hooker ever got arrested in this hotel.

I wanted to say for many months , I always saw this nice looking woman named rita that was  a prostitute at our rick’s bar. she was raising her daughter with being a hooker in a hotel.

one nite she told her date liked me and wanted to know if I would like to join them. my first reaction to all of this was, if anyone saw me leave with, I would look terrible to other people that I worked with, then I thought about later on that nite , maybe her date would use  me and I could get sick or get beaten up, so I did join rita and her date for sex and money.

here is another story from our dunes casino.

a longtime bartender at one of our main bar who was making good money was always pimping women to customers staying at our dunes hotel and taking a cut of the girl’s date. this went on for a long time this bartender pimping women and not caring.

one day this bartender finally got arrested for being a pimp and was escorted out of the hotel.

this bartender, dave I s his real name. when he got arrested  he only spent one hour in jail , because he knew the right person and  never lost his job. I guess this was accepted in the 1980’s.

I am starting the process to go to our non profit s. in las vegas, nv to get emergency funding to go to woodland hills, calif where  my mother that I love dearly is at her end of her life, I have to see my mom before she passes and I cannot afford to get there with limited funds as a senior, so if  ihave success getting funding to go home I will share this with.

I did find out our help of so . Nevada would pay 25 per cent of  ticket to go home, which I thought was very nice

thank you madam Vanessa

shelley bristol


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