december 1972

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

on December 1972 I was with my friends ron and  his date at our copper cart  bar , where my friend worked here as a bartender.

we were all together in a week nite. having cocktails at the copper cart all dressed up for the nite. the three of us waited for my date to show up, who never came.

then ron , his date  a very nice woman and myself walked over to a new place next to the copper cart, called the peppermill which had a lovely lounge with a fireplace. this was the grand opening of our peppermill lounge and restaurant then

the grand opening party was in our lounge with free appetizers and you had to buy drink I think,

our press was here and interviewing many people.

the party in the lounge was not that crowded and everyone was dressed up.

this was lovely party, I donot think I visited the peppermill lounge in 1973 because I really hung out at our copper cart lounge with my friend and neighbor ron  who was our day bartender there.

I would see our pretty peppermill lounge with my mom and dad for lunch in 1985 and this place had great food then and today with great big portions.

the lounge in this place is so pretty.

later on in 1986-1988, I would hang out this gorgeous lounge late at nite with my best friend Julie after working our cocktail shift at the dunes casino.

I would always drink a peppermint schnapps with hot chocolate.

this was a nice place to hang out and feel comfortable late at nite always and me and my friend Julie, another cocktail server from the dunes, could always relax here  after eight hours of serving drinks to our customers at the dunes casino.

I would continue to dine at the peppermill many more times for the great food and service to the present.

this is madam Vanessa,

signing off today

shelley Bristol



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