to dan lee , my boyfriend in 1972 , las vegas, nv from shelley bristol

Hello this is madam Vanessa , las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

I wish to share with allof you today a little about my boyfriend dan lee, that I met in las vegas, nv , when I was 18years , I met my boyfriend dan at our ice capades chalet  as a snak bar attendant there owned by figure skater  Ronnie Robertson in our san franciso  shopping center in our special commercial center by Maryland and  Karen ave. I have walked thru this  commercial center many times to remember this  place and my boyfriend since 1985.  this place is now our Nevada roller hockey center owned by a very nice man named dan, that I have chatted with, this place is open at nite and has a hockey shop and the  owner of this place now kept this place just to look  like it is from the 1970’s.


I met dan , my boyfriend here, one afternoon as he was arguing with mrs Robertson on the upstairs as I was leaving my job after shift and dan askedout for lunch. I  was attracted t0 dan with him being tall and having brown hair, pretty blue eyes and a mustache and he had a car.

dan took me and my ten speed bike into his car that day and we went out for lunch to a fast food  place and we ate in his big chevy car. I wanted to write this bike ride I took one day to our ice capades chalet to get a job would change my life forever .

my boyfriend dan  gonna lure  me into being a prostitute to , thinking this dangerous lifestyle for me is so glamorous and a way for me to pay bills with dan and dan gonna use me to get things he needs, because I want to be with him and I wanted to be my boyfriend at  18 years young and I am very naïve and vulnerable then in 1972.

after I met dan I lasted about 2 more weeks at my job  as a snak bar attendant and I fell very fast for dan with one kiss.

this relation I had with was all about sexual passion between two people. and dan was using me but I donot  I knew any better at 18 yearsyoung.

I want to remember a good memory of my boyfriend dan which is eating at our uncle john’s place in 1972 with their great pancakes and strawberry syrup for 10 months which was on Maryland and fremont, which I really look for in 1985, which is gone now.

I will continue to write and share about this relationship in 1972 with dan and me, I have lots of messages for all of you, if you out there thinking about being a prostitute, please listen to me with this.

and  the many reasons, I choose to write  about this was  get motivated to write  my very sincere messages to help all of you and to start to write my  book and my feelings about dan as a biographer, feels like I can go back to my apt in 1972 on 777 naples where I lived in a small studio apt in las vegas, nv and  it is like I feel dan laying next to me and cuddling with me, in my  bed, watching tv on our Saturday nitesin October  1972.

thank you madam Vanessa,

shelley Bristol

I have lots of stories to share with you on  life with my boyfriend dan.






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