Being a bartender in 1998-1999 in las vegas, nv in our naked city,

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s.

I work as a bartender in 1998-1999 on graveyard shift for one year.

this bar is known for hookers coming into this bar late at nite and men looking for hookers late at nite.

as a bartender, I know if I let a prostitute proposition a customer at my bar and a vice cop is there  I could be arrested for this and I knew this as a bartender.

also at this bar men come into my bar and ask where are the working ladies, a slang for hookers and  I would collect there money for a drink and then ask these men are you cops and then these men trying to find a woman as a seller of sex at my bar leave.

sometimes  a few hookers from this area come into my bar , to sit and talk and drink with customers , but these women knew not to  ask men for a sex date with money other wise , I would ask the girl to leave.

at this busy and rough bar I would find rubbers in the trash inthe ladies room and sometimes, I got very upset that I found a needle for drugs in the trash and my bar maintence  would get the needle. many times I find these things in my ladies room. it was creepy.

I would find out in this area our woman that our illegal prostitutes l

live in old hotels or rent these old rooms for  a sexdate. sometimes I

heard. these woman who work in this rough area by the  our old vegas casino, now a different place rides with  men in the car and have sex

for 10 or 15.00 and they would do this many times and think I made 100 for the day . this is so dangerous to have sex with  a man for money in a car where you could get v.d, beaten up. badly  ripped off and be thrown our of a car onto the street naked or be kidnapped, how  frightening.

I also was told in this area a lot o women who  were sellers of sex, selling their body were homeless and maybe living in their   car had no choice but to sell their bodies for ten dollars to survive- how sad.

when I bartend at this place, I have to be escorted into the bar by

someone and one time I came into my grave yard shift and there was a shooting around this area in the early morning and my bar was full since every one was scared. I was always walked out to my car in the daytime by  customer always. this bar was always busy and being in this rough area I kept my bar maintence cleaner in this bar with my longer when I had no customers. I took this job to be  a bartender  and make a living.

this bar the ram’s head would close down after 6m onths , il ieft  this place. the owner tom had this place a long time and this bar became a

wedding chapel. I have one more true story as a  message from this rough area of the naked city in 1999. that really made the news and not to many people remember this. to me this is a very important true story to share with all of you. that I will share next time I get on my website.

this is madam Vanessa

signing off today

shelley bristol



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