this a very true story of 3 women in 1998 in las vegas,nv

hello, this is madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970;s

i wrote yesterday about being a bartender at our bar the ram’s head in 1998-1999, this was a rough and busy bar on graveyard for me always and this bar was right across from our strastopshere  casino in our naked city of las vegas.nv

at my bar the police come in to allways check people i.d and bother me about all my work permits that were valid.

iwanted to say in this area, many people work here in many jobs.

one week i finished my shift of graveyard, i was resting at home and it was on the news that 3 young women that  were illegal prostitutes were all murdered by their dates, one women was found shoved up an air shaft in one the small motels in this area.

this was all about these women being prostitutes and these wer e3 young women all murdered in the same week. these young women were someone’s daughter and should not   have to die for selling their body as a way to make end meet

i thought to myself as i watched the news in the early evening. it is 25 years later that i was a hooker in 1973 and now women are getting killed being a hooker. i  cried from this and i felt helpless, that there was nothing  i could do, i felt if i  would have called our metro to help out, they would have laughed at me.

when i went back to work  all my  customers and myself were very scared for more than a week and probably stayed in my bar on  my shift longer. one male customer said being a hooker can get you killed these days and this sounded awful to me.


i made sure for a few  weeks when i went into the bar i had a person walk me  into the bar and walk out to my car when my shift ended.

i still kept people in my bar longer for a few weeks later.

now that i shared all about this  very  true story in our city of las vegas,nv in 1998, this message was sincerely meant to help all of you out on the street.

i wanted to share with all of you when i had my madam vanessa, radio show till feb 2015, i shared this story on my radio show and no one knew that this was a very true story and i hope everyone beleived me.

so i say to  all of  you being a illegal prostitute for sex and money in 1998 is very dangerous and you can risk your own life as hooker.

i share with all of don’t ever  give up on life and get lured into the street, to compromise yourself selling your body to men for sex and money. life is too short to hurt emotionally and physically as a seller of sex and you should always  believe in yourself and follow what it is your heart.

i hope  if out thinking about being a  illegal prostitute, that you read this very sincere message to help all of you, stay off the street and out of the prostitution trade. i have other messages that i  will continue to share with you

thank you for reading my blog today.

this is madam vanessa signing off today.








One thought on “this a very true story of 3 women in 1998 in las vegas,nv

  1. Reblogged this on Welcome to Madam Vanessa LV. and commented:

    this very true story in 1998, I always remember this is always very sad to talk about that 3 young women died, being seller’s of sex,and these young women were someone’s daughter, I hope you paid attention to what I had to write in this very sincere message to help all of you always- madam vanessa


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