our ice capade chalet lAS VEGAS, NV 1972

hello, las vegas and all over the world this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s

I would like to continue to write about my  boyfriend , dan lee that I met around march of 1972 at our ice capades chalet in commercial center where our Nevada  roller hockey center is on Karen ave. and Maryland pkwy,

I j ust like to be at this place and remember meeting my boyfriend dan and being with him a lot in the spring of 1972.

I really fell this good looking guy very fast then and this man was my 2nd boyfriend. and I donot think I got over him for a long time

after we broke up. I really loved this guy and he just wanted to use me for sex and being naïve and I honestly feel the longer I stayed with him . he really disliked me.

our relationship ended badly. ifelt like dan would have been happy to beat me up or run me over with a car  to get rid of me then.


and no  I donot remember when I came back in 1985 to las vegas, nv that I  had got help from a marshal to get rid of my boyfriend  dan and stood up to  dan that way,

so I  am glad I did not try to find dan in 1985, twelve years later after we broke up. I spent to months of my life in 1972 with dan and we live d together

as I write my second my real life story of living in las vegas, nv  in 1971-1973, I think and dream, about my boyfriend dan and  I always realize that I did the best I could for this relationship and there was nothing to change, but I guess there is a part of me, that always wondered what happened t o dan

but I guess I would not allow myself to find him in 1985  since I saw his friend kent at the  casino  circus circus casino and did not say a word to kent, then and  I looked for kent a few days later at this casino, and did not find him and figured this was not meant to be to find dan or talk to kent, I was   in love with my husband paul in sept of 1985.

I got to figure out with my writing what I need to  think out about dan  as  letting go  of my past with me and I have a few messages for  all of  from being dan’s  girlfriend in 1972-  dan lured and talked me into being a prostitute for sex and money as naïve as  was at 18 years young and dan  planned to use me for my money to buy him things and I sadly did this and I guess one day I got to a point , that I would not share my money with him. when he ended this relationship, because he met someoneelse and was a coward about this , I was glad he was gone, he also took my car with no intention of returning my car, which was in his name , with the plates in my name.

when we ended I was glad he was gone and so was my car, and I figured  I would get around our small  town by cab , which I did for more than 2 months as a hooker.

my boyfriend had no respect for me and how could he as I sold my body for sex and money,

and when we were approaching the end of us as I say, we were fighting a lot and dan was always threating because I was an illegal hooker in clark county and this man that I loved and was very attracted to then was very hard to stand up on my  own.

I think what ever I write about dan and me , I will handwrite these stories and  put them also in my closed writer’s file  at Nevada state museum.

this is madam Vanessa, signing off for today

thank you for reading my blog today

shelley bristol





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