i dream i amat las vegas casting jewelry designs is downtown still

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,
our las vegas casting jewelry designs started in 1967 with owner Enrique salano, at the corner of 5th and fremont in our coronet building,
later on my best friend mike smith and bruce yates went to work for mr salzano. las vegas casting is the 2nd jewelry designer is las vegas and lasted till 2005, and mr salzano started our latin chamber of commerce ,which I found on stewart street last year.
the dream I had a long time is I am visiting everyone at las vegas casting in downtown and las vegas casting has move to w,charleston by the 1980’s
and in this dream I just look at a lot of jewelry and walk out the store and walk further downtown , looking at other office spaces and this dream feel so real to me and this what I felt this morning again and realized this was a dream.

on twitter this week I contacted our bally’s casino, to talk about many times my mom and my aunt marlene come on a bus tour from 1993 thru 1998 to stay at bally’s for 3days when our rodeo is also here in December and I wanted to remember this special time with my mom and dining at our good coffee shop at this busy and pretty casino and always shopping at nite downstairs at the cute stores where there was a music box store, magnets , costume jewelry, a sweet shop and so many fun places then
I also remember when I was a cocktail server at our dunes casino, where Bellagio hotel, In 1988 I met a man named dave from texas at the dunes as a cocktail server, one night dave and I dined at our very lovely and excellent dining bally’s steak house, what a nice evening.

I will try to start going to the east now to remember all my special memories of living in las vegas and try to write about them.
in march it my 33th year to remember being in las vegas, for a fresh start in life as a young woman at 31 years young and I must get all the assistance to be downtown and walk thru all my 1970’s and 1980’s memories and maybe make new memories
this is madam Vanessa signing off for today


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