I say as madam vanessa,

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town1970’s,

donot ever sell your self short and give up  on life with your special goals that are  always  important to you.

iwant to share with all of you today donot be lured into the street to be an illegal prostitute in las vegas, nv with all the glamour it looks like to be a seller of sex with all the male tourists who come here for a good time.

you never know what a man will want from you sexually once you collect the money for sexual services

this man could very rough with you sexually, or hit you hard for not liking the sex or hit you to get off sexually and this man could give you a sexual disease if you do not use protection and then the man could not pay for your sex service and rip you off and then where are you.

in today’s time in lasvegas nv, according our Nevada brothel association we have 50,000 illegal prostitutes.

this number is frightening to me and to be an illegal prostitute must be so competitive and dangerous . a pimp who uses women as  prostitute for his own selfish purposes must be cruel today and have no conscious with all people wanting to be prostitutes to survive and have food and money.

how very , very sad, this whole lifestyle of being a hooker, where you take so many dangerous risks, with your life

and is the 15-20 dollars you make as a seller of sex per each client, I guess is the going rate for an illegal prostitute. I would leave the street for this price too.

I say as madam Vanessa, I am here to help all of you get  off the street and out of the prostitution trade. I will continue to share very sincere messages , so you can positive and constructive lives

thank you for reading my blog today.

shelley bristol



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