in 2015, i wanted to write about this

hello , this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s, iwanted to write this today.

as an attractive woman who is really62 years young, on well known radio station on the fm one morning this  radio station, talked about senior men and woman catching v.d and first I was shocked to hear this and then at my senior center our  very nice humana for seniors talked about senior also  get v.d

so I am guessing our senior men want  to not have one sexual partner and think they  can never get v.d or give  v.d to a nice woman who wanted  to like and be  a one woman – man as  icall this.

so I guess when I date a senior man in his  sixties ,  in today times , I guess he has to use protection with me or we both  go our center or our health center in clark county to be tested.

because at 62 years young I am not gonna get v.d from an uncaring man, who just wanted to use me for his sexual pleasure.

this makes me feel like there are men out there giving v.d to women who already they are infected.

I wrote this today to express my honest opinion of senior men giving  senior women v.d and not caring one bit .

and I met a woman who experienced this  and had expensive medical bills to get better and was very hurt that an older man was so dishonest about being clean and saying he was not with anyone for more than 4 years.

I want to wish all the people who read my very honest blog , a very happy and healthy new year.

thank you.

madam Vanessa,

shelley bristol




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