from an honest source in 2015

hello. this is madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,
i wanted to write in blog today, the word on the street,
past our sls casino hotel into our naked city by our stratosphere place, the women walking the street and in our downtown area by fremont,
women who are illegal prositutes in clark county are selling their bodies to our men that are buyers of hookers ar charging only 10 , maybe 15 dollars in 2015 and some of these women think this is good money to take many risks with their bodies to get sick by having unprotected sex, or getting beaten up badly by a bad john who enjoys hitting a woman, or getting arrested and being thrown in jail for solitation, sometimes these women who sell their bodies for 10 dollars have a pimp to get their sex dates and these women who are sellers of sex in las vegas, nv make no money.
i also was told by my honest source that if 5 women left being a hooker , then 10 or more women would show up to be prostitutes in clark county and sad to me all these women wanting to be hookers think 10 to 15dollars a trick is good money.
if that were me today. i would leave the street and do my best to nevada job connect or nevada partners for job skills, i could never compromise myself and give up on life again to be lured to street for sex and money it just too dangerous today
why be a seller of sex in las vegas in 2015 when this is so illegal with 50,000 people being illegal prostitutes in clark county which makes this so competive and mean , is what i feel this is all about and the pimp in today times is using a woman as a hooker for his own selfish profits and what really bothers me today if you want to be an illegal prostitute,
that pimp can con you into sleeping with all his friends for free and telling he will get you work as a seller of sex and just use for free sex and never get you any money as a hooker.
i shared this honest message to help all of you stay off the streets and inspire all of you to have , positive and meaning ful lives and always follow your special dreams in life
thank you for reading my post today.
i say as madam vanessa, iam here to help all of you.
shelley bristol
i wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year.


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