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Hello this  madam Vanessa ,Las Vegas  talk of the  town,1970,s

I just wanted to write it was 3 years ago, that I started to write  my life story of living in Las Vegas in the 1970,s

I want to remember read my written scripts with my friend dennis at his office a and laughing together

At all   my phony baloney names for my special  memories

I will continue this later.


Shelley bristol



what would i like to write

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

yes I am very upset that three more places will be closing downtown this summer  and I cannot even  get  to  our mermaids , la bayou and the girls  of glitter gulch, I  have eaten and sat and rested at these casinos and applied many times at our girls of glitter gulch as  a waitress and I also believe  mermaids or our sassy sally’s , was once a nice restaurant called cosmos underground, that you stepped down to and I worked there about 1993 as a food server for the grand opening then. I really want to say good bye to all these places and to make our downtown busier with big casino’s downtown just sounds expensive for food , drinks and parking and not supporting our local economy to get locals to go downtown, I feel all my special memories of being downtown are gone and it feels like to me , that our zappo’s is important to our community in las vegas and our downtown score , business mentoring is also important to downtown, that I have a very  good experience with in 2013 and when I first come back to las vegas in 1985 and of course in our downtown we should have  2 courthouses, with reasonable parking fees and access  that is easy to walk to both courthouses.

and  as I write my message for all  you,  today for women to stay off the street and out of the prostitution trade, if you out there thinking about being an illegal prostitute in clark county, I n las vegas,. I  want to share with all of you, if you want to be a seller of sex and sell  your body for sex and money, you have to have no conscious, to get  undressed in front of a man you donot know to have sex an  I  guess having sex with a stranger is like a business, that you set a price to pay for  your sexual services and you have a conscious being a hooker, this can hurt you physically and emotional, and this is what exactly what happened to me when I was 19 years young living the life as an illegal prostitute  in las vegas in 1972 and 1973, all on my  own and being all alone with hardly any real friends who really cared about me and I was always very honest to my self and everyone I met me as  young prostitute. and honestly to get  up every day and  make  sure I answer my phone to have sex dates for thirteen months of my young life then, made a strong and hard woman and my whole personality changed from being a young woman just going to college at unlv then, to living on the street , selling my body for sex and money to pay  bills and support myself and have a  car.  after being a young woman in 1972 , living  a hard life as a seller of sex, this was very hard for me to get over, one reason is  I had no to talk to how hurt I was emotionally by this and no one listened to me then.

for me to get all over this emotional hurt and feeling used up by men at 19 years, iwas very hard on myself , for  no reason at all, since iwas very honest as a callgirl then and I always felt embarrassed about  my past and this took a long time to get over this and forgive myself, otherwise If I never forgave myself for being a hooker, icould never get back to our special city of las vegas, in march 1985, 12 year later and yes I was a little embarrassed about having a past  of being a hooker, when I came back to lasvegas in 1985.

I should write about what it felt like  to me in 1985  when I came back here to las vegas and remember some memories of being here in 1971-1973.

thanks for reading my blog  today,.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today.

shelley bristol






A good message for women

hello las vegas and all over the world , this is madam Vanessa , las vegas talk of the town 1970’s.

I say as madam Vanessa walk back to the streets of las vegas,nv with me as 19 year old  hooker, these true stories I share with you today on my blog are from 1972 from our  very and very classy  pretty hotel the Tropicana hotel, where in the 1970’s the day bellman are making  good money getting hookers for the men clients staying at this busy hotel.

yes as a 19 year old hooker in las vegas in 1972, I get dates from men clients at our Tropicana hotel and  and you had to really know someone to work with a bellman in  a hotel in 1970’s las vegas.

the bellman arrangement   to get a girl  for a men client was  I  kept 60 per cent  of the date and the bellman got 40 per cent and you better pay a bellman,  and bellman could set you up with a cop to be arrested and you still could  get v.d from a client and also get beaten up from a male hotel guest as a illegal prostitute then too.

so being a illegal prostitute on the  las vegas strip in a classy hotel , was not so safe or glamorous as we all believed then and I f I wanted to make steady money as a young prostitute at 19 years young in 1972-1973, I was safer to be with local men who wanted sex with a young women for money and no commitments of any kind. I wanted to write getting v.d from having many sex partners, was expensive to get better and then I stop working to get healthy and I lose clients because  I donot answer my phone when I  was sick with v.d and then your business slows down as a prostitute and my phone rang less every  month and if you weigh getting sick and paying for doctor visits and medicine and losing y our clients every month as a young woman  selling my body then, I never got ahead, so in the end of me being a prostitute , I failed as a business woman and as a  seller of sex. iwanted to write after 13 months of being a hooker at  18-19 years young in 1972-1973, I had  the courage to stop selling my body and go home to my parents and start all over with my life and go back to community college to get  my grades up to get to cal state Northridge                 around my21st birthday  in 1974.

believe me  I was not a happy person , when I left las vegas in july of 1973t I did not want  to die of v.d and no one would care about me and  get  beaten up badly by a male client in  las vegas, then

I was emotionally and physically hurt by being a prostitute as a young woman and would take a long time to get over this and  I was so hard on my self for this and I had no reason for this because  with my rough lifestyle as a hooker, I was very honest and straight forward to all my  sex clients and I was honest about who I was to make money as a seller of sex.

I want to end with this there is always hope to leave this very dangerous life style  of  being an illegal prostitute , living on the street, like I did when I was 19 years old and it took me along time to realize, I wanted to live in our special city of las vegas  once again, I got here with all my strength with heart and soul and I guess that is why it so special to me , that I  should always remember I got back to las vegas in 1985, in march and I should always celebrate being downtown every march to remember this , since my first day back in las vegas, in march is that I am downtown   on the first floor of our now zappos’ building.

thank you for reading my blog today.

and I write these message to help all of you,  and donot sell yourself short in life and get lured in the street to become an illegal prostitute for sex , money.

I  share my experience of being a hooker when I was 18 years young with honest message to inspire all women to have positive and constructive lives.

this is madam Vanessa, signing off

shelley bristol



it is time for me to write again

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

in 1973 when I drive to our downtown las vegas, I remember this our downtown is very clean and busy even in the daytime. I go to the movies at this time a new  movie thearte with 3  cinemas  has just opened and we have a new parking lot. when I come back in 1985 this movie thearte are gone and our mr bea’s   very cute and stylish , 2 stores on fourth and fremont are gone and so is our penney’s and sears on lv blv and fremont.

Our  gift stores in the 1970’s also have  fake green turquoise with silver in downtown for maybe 4.00 and I buy this cute jewelry then.

At this time at downtown we also have women wear cute polyester blue suits and white cowboy hats  walking downtown and getting out of state  married couples to go to a las vegas show and sell land  in Pahrump at this time. I always remember this and asking these women what they are selling and walkin g for in downtown.

I see  Pahrump in 1973, I flew  in a small plane with a nice man for the afternoon out of north las vegas airport and  we landed in Pahrump right on sheri’s brothel, landing strip

and this  nice man landed the plane and we went into sheri’ brothel to give  all the people who live at this brothel,  to have steaks to eat.

so my friend and I  visited everyone at this brothel in 1973 and I chatted with all the women who worked there, who gave a nice tour of this big house that was kept very pretty and immaculate and then I sat at the bar there drinking a coke and waiting for my date  who was talking to the owner of sheri’s who was a man then.

later that day we got back on our little plane and flew back to our north  las vegas airport, which took about I hour and 15 minutes to get back to north las vegas,

it was a nice day together with my friend and I enjoyed meeting everyone , the staff and  working women at this legal brothel and this time in 1973, I was told a legal prostitute at sheri’s made over 1000 dollars a month and to me this was good money and  this was all legal and safe and still is today.

I will continue to share my experiences as a 19 year old hooker in las vegas in 1972-1973 for 13 months of my life as a young woman  then with my own  honest messages that I write  and share with all of you, to help all women stay off the streets and out of the prostitution trade and I hope my  sincere messages ,  and I say as madam Vanessa, saving one girl at a time is always my goal to help all of you and I want my autobiography of being an illegal prostitute when I was 19 years young to inspire all of  you always to have positive and constructive lives.

thank you for reading my blog,

madam Vanessa,

shelley Bristol

I am doing my best to get back on my blog, at this time I am having difficulty walking.


i am trying to write on journal

I need to write this today, I want to write about  2 very cruel and vindicative people in  our city of las vegas  and what they were capable and how I my home  was violated and many thing missing and my sweet dog maury was almost crushed and killed.

these cruel and vindicative people names are steve hanley  702869-9817 and Sharon golding, m is golding was my friend and my family was always good to her and my family and friends  and my self are very hurt and ashamed o f this woman Sharon golding.

the true honest story my roommate friend  passed away and as a senior on limited income I had to find a mover, so I hired steve hanley tel# 702869-9817, he never fulfilled his job he demanded his 400.00 upfront and had full access with key s to both my apts. many things I had a long time were broken and many important things I had  for a long time our gone and things I had to have as a disabled women are gone so when I contacted mr hanley on all my things missing he claimed he did not steal from me and he told if I went to the cops he threatened me and my father since we are both on social security, mr hanley verbally assaulted with his threats 2x and I contacted my father on this matter, and mi ss golding, verbally slandered me on the telephone and  in my view is plotting revenge against me since I asked for  her help to get my thing backs. all a lawyer can do for me is send this two cruel and vindicate bullies is send them a letter to get my money back on this move. I am so hurt by all of this, I wish  I could get over this and about miss Sharon golding she lied to me a ndmy father that she would give credits to a round trip to the valley where my family lives      to visit my mom who is terminal , I thought this was beyond cruel since steve hanley and Sharon golding know how sick both my parents was, and this move to move me into a small apt was a cruel and intention al  by miss golding and mr hanley.

mr hanley is a transmission repair person working out of his home around alta and rainbow,

these two people profited very selfish on my family with their cruel dishonesty, verbal threats against my family and verbally  slander,  I believe they broke the law also, but this is so hard to prove.

please keep yourself away from these very mean people who live in las vegas. it will take me time to get over this  intention cruelty and dishonesty of Sharon golding and steve hanley. thank you for reading my blog today. I had to get this out of my system to start healing. from shelley bristol



a special rememberance for me

hello this is shelley Bristol, aka , madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town ,  1970’s . I wanted  to write today we are starting our march madness in las vegas, very soon and I come back to our special  city of las vegas, nv  in march 1985 from twelve years I  left las vegas, nv in  july of 1973, I wanted to write, it would take time for me to figure out how to get back to las vegasin the 1980’s  and I finally drove in  car in 1985 for 6 hours  by myself to get here and stay at  new person.s home for 5 days on their sofa so I may get to our old city hall and start a fresh new life with a good and honest person to help me get settled here  with a good  reference, I would now be 31 years young in 1985 and walk around town , telling everyone I lived here in the 1970’s and It was always my destiny to come back to las vegas in 1985.

I want to remember  living in las vegas for 33 years now and what it always special  to me and seeing our old city hall for the first time on the first floor  and  re- meeting someone there from the 1970’s and meeting other nice people who work at city hall then.

I would also meet our very nice people at our culinary hall then and be sent out on jobs as a cocktail server and then get to our dunes  casino as a cocktail server in 1986 and be there at this job  , the next  four years.

and in 1985 it would be so special to visit our unlv dorm , Tonopah hall and walk on the first floor again and walk thru our student union and remember all my special memories of being at unlv in 1971- and 1973

and in our commercial center our ice capades chalet  that I worked in 1972, became a Christian reading room and our commercial center in 1985 is still thriving with old businesses then. I would continue to visit our commercial center many times to have lunch there and get my hair and nails done there at our beauty schools threw  1989.

I was so happy to see our blvd mall with different stores now in 1985 and I love to shop and buy things always at our blvd mall and our first expansion of our blvd mall in 1992 was really very pretty then. in 1985 I would also visit our very classy bar with great burgers, which was our huey’s on Maryland and twain across from the blvd mall, now champagne’s cocktail that I still visit thru today.

I have a lot of choices  with being my 33 years in las vegas, nv , maybe I drive to our blvd mall and have a nice lunch there and go visit our nice bartender in the daytime at champagne’s,

I  would still like to go downtown , but I can’t go alone , it is too crowded for me and I want to visit our battista’s restaurant  , but I  want to have a date for downtown and battista’s with a nice man. to always remember my   33 years living in las vegas. nv

thank for your reading my blog today

this is  madam Vanessa, signing off today

shelley bristol