i am really going to try to write my book

hello, this is  madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town,1970’s.

I have decided to get messages book out now and look at  my script  from 76 th  radio show that never made to the radio show I had for 75 weeks and share this with all of you. I have decide in 2016, I will not share on social media  and keep my writing on my blog. to accomplish  much more.

I look forward to sharing my panorama ads from las vegas in the 1970’s ,from the paper the panorama and writing more on this website.

thank you all my followers.


Madam Vanessa,

shelley Bristol

I share with all of you today, no one in las vegas in the year 1972-1973, only called Vanessa,

but I guess I will keep my title madam Vanessa, las vegas,

1970’s  talk of the town


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