what a pimp will do to exploit a woman always

hello , this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

I say to all of you today  here is a very sad and meaningful message,

in our local las vegas paper, the review journal

the story over  a  year ago, was a young women was that was a seller of se x and being  trafficked by  man  forcing her to sell her body and this man that   pimped this young woman for  being a  forced prostitute  , was dumped  dead into a trash dumpster, this young woman died from infections of no water and not being allowed to go to the bathroom.  sadly this young woman was someone’s daughter. this pimp must have treated this woman like a piece of meat, just to use her to profit selfish for himself.

another message I have for you on the east side of las vegas, two men were arrested at their home  for drug selling and  when the cops entered   these men home, a young woman was tied up and naked and was being used as a sex slave to men, for the drug dealers to make money off this young woman.

yes the woman was rescued and the two men were arrested.


I guess these real stories are about trafficking a woman for sex and men selfishly make money and do not care about women.

so if you really want to be a illegal prostitute  for sex and money in  las vegas, I would advise to be very careful about this, because you could  lose your own life from being an illegal   seller of sex in clark  county.

I also want to say a pimp, has no heart, and can beat the crap about of you for  not making  enough money for him and also a pimp can take all your money for screwing men for money,  the pimp got you the date, so he wants his cut and a pimp can always tell  you and use you to sleep with all his friends  and you never make any money as a hooker.  please listen to what I have written today this is very true and I mean this  very seriously.

thank you for reading my blog  today

from madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town,1970’s

shelley bristol


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