about my own memories of being at our royal casino in las vegas, nv

hello, lasvegas and all over the world, this is madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town,1970’s
today i want to share my many memories of being at our special royal casino that was on convention center drive maybe past in the 1990;s i believe a part of this place is still there at the royal crest hotel, this looked very odd tom e when i visited this place in marchof 2015 andthen i had a very nice time at the bar at the royal crest later on in 2015.
i have no idea when our clarion, or our greek isles which was our paddlewheel got part of this royal casino.
the royal casino in the 1970’s , had hotel rooms, a big cofee shop and a lounge in the 1970’s, i would be here in this lounge a few times with my friend madam dee at nite and listen to music and have men buy us drinks and we always dressed, me and dee go out on the strip of las vegas,
This would the second lounge my fake i.d would not work and dee and i had to leave this lounge then.
to me this place was pretty and kinda fancy.
i would get also refered here by someone to talk to the bellman.
to screw men hotel guests for money and give a cut to the bellman. i met a man named tony who worked here as a bellman ,who never called me for any dates and then i met an older man named rusty who expected me to screw for free to get hotel dates and that never happended the hotel dates or screw ing him. those are my 1970’s real memories of this hotel and casino,
in 1985 our nevada job connect sent to apply as a food server at this big coffee shop , i wish i could have gotten this job.
i liked before 1990 how our convention center drive was small but busy and it was fun to visit these places like our paddlew heel casino and then debbie reynolds in the 1990’s and our silver city with it shopping plaza, that was built in 1972 right across from the stardust.
my last memory of our royal casino was in the early 1990’s iwas applying for a cocktail server job and this casino have a good size gambling area and the front desk is close by this place and at this casino on convention center drive had very easy parking and not a lot of traffic. in 1998 i would photographing what was left of our old silver city and we had a bar on convention center, that i photogrpahed and i knew this area of our shopping mall from, the 1970’s was gonna get demolished and i remember before this seeing the sign of all these stores before 1998.
i will close now write i had special times at silvercity dining in there cofee shop in the 1980’s with my husband paul.
then later on this coffee shop became a snak bar, with a bar and many slot machines.
i wanted to say this area was special in the 1970’s thru the1990’s
this is madamvanessa
signing off today
shelley bristol
thank you for reading my blog today


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