the corner of paradise and e. tropicana in the 1970’s

hello. this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I wanted  to write about  our special eastside market mall was in the 1970’s

we had our big may fair market on the corner of  paradise and e. Tropicana somewhere around was around our first gay bar the black magic bar,

also by our mayfair market we had our adult theatre called the cinema arts where our special movie deep throat with linda lovelace played here in 1972,  there was our our climax book store that was an adul bookstore that opened in 1972and closed about 8 months later. I liked our pumpkin tiny coffee shop that had great pie and a small  place to sit down. I enjoyed buying make up and getting my rx prescriptions there, and I  use to chat with a woman named Audrey there,

our gelo’s lounge was here, which  became lace and angles bar in the 1990’s.

our gypsy bar that is closed was also a nice restaurant,maybe nishon’s

and the restaurant  that is gone was la scala from 1976 to 2000 on naples and paradise and a fun 1980’s place I visit several times was Arthur’s , which became our double down  bar.

my favorite place that I hang out in for I year of my life in 1972-1973, when I lived at 777naples, when I was a hooker at 19 years young is our jungle club, or later el jardin and I wanted to say when I came back our jungle club was closed what a disappointment to me then.

the jungle club was open late hours and had great margaritas and great Mexican food at reasonable prices in 1972-1973, and  I enjoyed hanging out at this place very much, many times during the week then in 1972-1973.

when I came back to las vegas in 1985, twelve years later, all that was left at the corner of e. Tropicana road and paradise, was a golf store , a beauty salon, that I use to get my hair done at, since I lived at Maryland pkwy and e, flamingo at our sandpiper apt now called Hesperia ,also at this old mall we had our macayo , very good restaurant that was there in the 1970’s that I must have dined here with my boyfriend dan in 1972.

our stores and business that were opened some time in the 1970’s at naples and paradise survived to be here in the 1980’s and my favorite place our jungle club first became vincenzos and now is another  bar. I like to visit this special area always and visit my friends at our bookstore get booked.

in 1997-1998, I read tarot cards for clients at get booked for more than 6 months and I really enjoyed this and I only accepted donations for my readings with clients then.

this is madamvanessa,

signing off today

thank you for reading my blog  today.

shelley bristol





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