always to have great memories of our white cross drug store with our lunch counter by our special culinary union

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk  of the town 1970’s, I sadly write today that I was told on facebook our white cross drugs store and lunch counter that was special is partially closed. the drug store  is closed now which became a white cross liquor store is closed by linda café which became our great lunch counter is still open.

we also had a white cross drug store in commercial center, that I use to shop at for many things in the 1970’s and 1980’s , this place closed in the mid eighties ,,this place was next our special place serge’s wigs , where I use to my hair falls that I wear as a cocktail server at the dunes casino in the 1980’s. in the year 1995, I was getting my sheriff card renewed downtown and I gave an older man a ride to our white cross drug store and then I dropped this old man off at this corner, so I revisited our white cross drugs store that I had not seen since the early 1990’s and then I walked over to our culinary union and I enjoyed being at these 2 special places.

then in 1998, I dated my friend  ralph ,who was a security guard and lived close by to this place and we drove over to our white cross drugs ,then and this place did not look it changed one bit with all the makeup and perfume and hand lotion I like to look at and try on. about 2 years ago , when I still had my madam Vanessa radio show, I drove to our local 226 culinary union, that I had not seen since 1995 and this place looked old where I would be  in 1985 in bulding  c, now building b.

and I had fun chatting with people at our culinary union and then I walked across the street, to see our white cross drugs which was  liquor store and linda café was our lunch counter for white cross drugs. in march of 1985 would be my first trip to  park and walk to our old city hall , in downtown and then I was sent to our culinary union to meet our nice president of local 226 ,mr McCall from my friend at our old city hall.

I met mr mcall from local 226 culinary, to  get a job slip to go get a food server job at the horseshoe casino, then on a Tuesday and  before I went downtown again,

I went across and had a very good lunch at our white cross drug store lunch counter which was a lot of food for the price of 5.00 for a lunch this time I  I never saw our downtown city hall and my friend who worked there  on the first floor and I had never been to our culinary union, to meet our job dispatchers donna and jane then,

to get a job at our union in food servers or cocktail servers , you had long lines to stand in to get sent out to a casino to apply for a food server or cocktail  server.

I also wanted to write , I never saw our white cross drug stores, that had snaks, cold drinks , makeup to try on and  perfume to spray on and then this big place had a good size lunch counter , that was busy with lots of people eating lunch with a few waitresses and  a grill cook,.

I will continue to write more this very true and special story of my life, why our white cross drug store and lunch counter is so special besides being excited I am back in our special  city of las vegas, and planning a   fresh start in life at 31 years young in march of 1985.

thank you for reading my blog today

madam Vanessa,

shelley bristol






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