why is white cross drugs lunch would be very special to me in march of 1985

hello, this is madam Vanessa., las vegas talk of the town.1970’s

I write today in mid march of 1985 I  drive over 300 miles with two small suitcases, with new warm clothes , that I bought from a swap meet, I n my 1980’s blue buick all by myself.

and I had an early  appointment at city  hall to re- meet a good friend from the 1970’s, to help me get a job and I hoped at this time my good friend would remember me and my friend knew exactly to say to me to prove to me that this good person remembered me.

so my start to get settled in our city of las vegas, started on a Tuesday morning and

getting to our culinary union, to meet our very nice president jeff  mcall, who gave me my green slip to meet beverage manager vern eller, at our horseshoe and guess what I had no job, but mr eller verified I had a job at the horseshoe, so   by my first week In las vegas I  was able to put a deposit on a small one bedroom apt around Maryland pkwy and east flamingo  road in march of 1985.

for the next two days , I would be at our culinary union looking for food server’s job and also trying to find a person’s sofa to sleep and stay at. since I only have money for two weeks to stay in las vegas,

and as  determined I am  to succeed in las vegas , with a job or  a place to  live all on my own.

so as I continue to stand in long lines at our culinary to  be sent out on a food server job in the morning  for a few hours, I get hungry and dine at our lunch counter at our white cross drugs.

I wanted to write on a Thursday, I must have cut in front  of a cute guy named paul, who got kinda mad at me at our long lines waiting to get a job slip from our culinary  union,

I wanted to write now once I met paul behind me in line, life  gonna change for me. so I say as shelley Bristol, thank  you, to our old city hall and our culinary union. for giving a new man in my life that  is going to marry me on memorial day at our old courthouse in 1985.

I am lucky woman to meet my husband at our culinary  unionmy 3rd day in our city of las vegas.

I am sure with all my memoires of living in las vegas, my husband  to be took me to lunch many times at our white cross drugs, for my first two weeks being in las vegas and then from now on when I am our culinary union, paying dues , looking for work, and getting my special cocktail server job at the dunes from our culinary union.

so I wanted to write for the next ten years of my life that I visit our culinary union,  I either shop and buy things at our white cross drugs or dine there.

yes it was fun to revisit this place our white cross drugs in 1995 and walk around this place and visit our culinary union then and remember all my special memories and talk to everyone I could of how I met my husband paul there and had a good marriage to paul for 3 years of my life.In1998 , I am dating my friend ralph, who lives close by to white cross drugs and my friend ralph had to fill his rx., so I was happy to see our whit cross drugs did not change a bit.

2 years ago in 2013, this is white cross liquors, with linda café, lunch counter and I spoke to linda, to tell it was a special  place and told her I would like to have lunch there one day ,which I would like to visit now and walk around our culinary union.

this is madam Vanessa,  signing off today

and in closing, I really shared my  special memories of my life in  march of 1985, when I wanted to be successful to get settled in las vegas, then and be very happy to finally get back here , after trying to figure out how to get back here in 12 long years.

thank you for reading my special blog today

shelley bristol








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