this is madam vanessa,

hello, this is  madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of town 1970’s, I live our special city of las vegas,nv  for almost 33 years now, every march I remember  starting my life with a fresh start at 31 year young in march so celebrate with my special walk and dining downtown in the day time and every January I attend our dunes employee reunion at a local bar I t was 22 years ago our special dunes casino was imploded where  I was a  cocktail server for 5 yearsthru 1990. I  call myself as a writer  a 1970’s biographer of  and archivist of las vegas, an a archivist  means to prove something  historical  existed, like me being with my friendsfrom our copper cart restaurant in 1972 at the grand opening of our beautiful peppermill lounge and restaurant in December of 1972 then.

  I am writing on this blog today to  start my  honest and sincere search for a kind, and honest and sincere man  in las vegas,  who wants to be my friend and companion and treats me like a lady.

Yes I  have searched this  year on our  craigs’s list and the men , in my searching  where just cruel and on facebook last year the men were not honest or nice , that I met.

about myself I am 62 years, young and very straight forward and honest and a compassionate person, and keep y self health and attractive.

I desire to meet a man for companionship ages 57 -69. who should be a little taller than me at least5 feet 8 inches and no cruel head games please, and please have kindness in your heart and  be an ethical person

I like going downtown in the daytime in las vegas, dining out for lunch and driving into the east side of time in the daytime to write and remember as I  write about all my special memories of living in las vegas in the 1970’s and 1980’s and going to small theatre plays. and  listening to music in local small bars.

if you want to meet a kind and very honest lady and you have compassion and are in my age group and are active as young senior, you can contact me on my  email at 777naples@gmail.

thank you madam Vanessa,

my real name is shelley bristol



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