i want to always remember these special things from unlv

Hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town,1970’s.

I wanted to share my memoiries of being at unlv in the 1980’s and in 1990’s.

In march, the first Saturday,i am here in 1985, I visit our only dorm then Tonopah hall all the way up to the sixth floor to remember where I lived in 1971-1973 and we still have a tv on the first floor and the driveway where I use to park my car in 1973 is still there.

a few times I walk into our moyer student union and walk upstairs and look at our job board, with the counter door closed at this time, I also remember being on the first fllor of our student  union and looking for our drinking fountain and pool table from the 1970’s

in 1988 I take a math extension class and walk our maude frazier hall and then in 1989, I signed up for a business class and it 42.oo a unit for a class, and this time I am inside maude frazier hall a few times to get signed to go back to college.

I also at this time in 1990, had to walk over to our psychology department to change  my major and this really upset me to see where I left school in October of 1972 to become a illegal prostitute and   realize in 1990, this goal of having a  bachelor’s of psychology was gone in 1972, I was lured into the street as a hooker and gave up on my college education., by my boyfriend dan then.

I was very emotionally hurt in 1990 walking around our unlv campus by my psychology classes, then, that I never told anyone this at all.

I was so excited to find out about our special collections libraby at unlv at our james Dickson libraby in 1998 and ispent 6 months writing and researching about ourtown and my life in las vegas in 1971-1973, this was so much fun and to get to talk tour special collections staff with all their wonderful assistance.

so I feel after writing my biography that I share with all of with my sincere messages , to  help women get off the street, the last 2 and half years , it is time for me to open my big scrapbook with our panorama ads and re-d0 my scrapbook and write  more into my scrapbook as look back as who things changed for me as a writer and then I can begin to write my autobiographical book.


I am very happy I have 935 people reading my blog now.

I may handwrite my book and I have to go thru all my 76 radio scripts that I wrote my special memories.

thank you for reading  my blog today

sincerely, shelley Bristol

madam Vanessa






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