what people are capable of at an internet radio station.

hello this is  madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s.

with legally advised last year, I  want to share with all of you today ,  for one year and half I worked very hard to  write and direct my own  madam Vanessa radio  for 75  radio shows , that ended in February 2015.

when  my  show was cancelled  I guess in march 2015, I could not belive all the dishonest and no kindness from the account executive

when I was there on February 23/2015, I signed a new contract and I was told my radio time would 10 am instead of 12noon and I would come back  on april 6 th in 2015 and then mr garrett emailed to remind myshow time is 10 am  starting april 6th, then I find out from the person in march that   mr garret was trying to sell my radio show and mr garret at vegas all net radio show, told these nice people trying to havea radio show , that my show was cancelled, which I did not know.

eventually in march mr garret, our account executive told me my show was cancelled with no explanation and then on the computer this was cruel at vegasall net radio kept my show  and my picture on their website , like I had a radio show , like I, thought and then in april mr garrett , told the format of  our radio show had changed and my file of my radio show was sent elsewhere and I say that is a bunch of crap. the radio show kept my show on the computer for many weeks on the computer, after my radio show was cancelled

I really loved my radio show  more than you know and when I was waiting to come back to my radio show, I was looking forward to this and I had written two more shows that  I should share on this blog.

the next cruel thing from vegas allnet radio show, was the radio station , I guess went broke and mr aaron Philips, got funds to by the radio show and he told I could have y radio show back if  he was able to purchase the radio station, with, funds, so naïve me belived this,

then mr Phillips contacted on facebook and told me the reason, why my radio show was cancelled is because I owed  500.00 and I knew nothing of this . so then I honestly called miss covey, and told her to send me an invoice that I owed money and for one year now , I never got   any invoices for this  dishonest matter  in my view

so then I contacted a legal service on this matter in  las vegas and  the legal service told me they could help me if I got a bill   that I did not owe money and these nice people explained mr Phillips and the radio station were really trying to harass and exploit  me for money, I guess.

and miss covey at the radio station, kept telling people , I still had a radio show  , when my radio show was cancelled.

and the next step, I took  was to write a letter of complaint of how I was treated by the staff of vegas all net radio to the general manager of lotus broadcasting, mr benecio and of course , this general manager  did nothing to respond to the letter I wrote to him.

and now a year later , I see our lotus broadcastingcompany,  being advertised with good non profit for a benefit to help our children on our channel 6 and this  really made me sick to my stomach , that a radio station , is trying  show it has good purposes, when it does not in my view.

I have told the truth  about  this matter always.

I ‘m glad I continue onwards for  one year writing my autobiography of living in las vegas in the 1970’s of being a hooker , to share this experience with  all of you , with my heart and soul , with  sincere messages always to help women get off the street and get out of the prostitution trade. on my blog, www. madamvanessalv.com

I  will be writing more about myself with my messages, I just wanted to write my thoughts in my 1998 scrapbook with all our las vegas history and all the places I hung around in the 1970’s and 1980’s from our panorama paper and look back about all the stories I have shared with you for the past  2 years and remember what I wrote in 1998, the first time I tried to write my autobiographical book and what is always important to me.

I say thank to all  935  people reading my blog, that I journal on and I really appreciate this

thank you, madam Vanessa,

have a very nice weekend.

shelley bristol









One thought on “what people are capable of at an internet radio station.

  1. I wrote the truth to share and help all of you ,so you will not get your feeling hurt by radio , media and not be harassed or exploited by radio media and also for me to finally express how I really felt and how hurt I was by my hard work to write and produce my own special radio show that ended with no real honest explanation


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