i write today with my heart and soul, by shelley bristol

Hello this is  madam Vanessa, lasvegas  talk of the town,1970’s

when I was 18 years old I met my  boyfriend dan lee in 1972 and  dan really lured me in to be a prostitute. he really used me  as his girlfriend as naïve and young as I was. we had 10 months together and when my boyfriend dan ended our relationship by taking my vw- bug and not returning my car and threatening  to call my parents that I was a  hooker, everything ended badly for me, but I was glad he was gone. this man really emotionally hurt me and it took a long time for me to get over this relationship.

I wanted to write I doubt  my boyfriend ever respected as a sold my body to other men for sex and money, then in 1972. I really learned from this relationship with dan in 1972 to really stand up for myself the best I could at 18 years young.

I am to write now the most meaningful message  in my real life story.

Being an illegal prostitute at a young age like myself in 1972, in las vegas, nv  at

18 years young is not a glamorous life for anyone.

I took my life  path down a different that will take my heart and soul and all my

special purpose in life away and this takes me a long time to get what mattered mos t in my heart and get back my special dreams back when I came to las vegas , nv in 1971

. I had very special goals and purposes to get a bachelor’s degree of psychology. I destroyed these goals by being an illegal prostitute in las vegas, nv for 13m onths of my life

in las vegas, nv in 1972-1973.

I wanted to write I am a very  lucky woman  that I got my strength and my goals

and  my purposes back with a very good friend of mine in the early 1980’s. this  good man and my best friend will mentor me to stop myself from being so embarrassed about my life as  a young woman being a hooker at 19 years young and I always had no right t o be em barrased about my life  in 1972-1973 as a seller of sex ,since I was very honest and straightforward with myself and the  male clients to pay me to have sex with  them.

my best friend will teach me in 1983 that  i can come back to las vegas in 1985, at 31 years young

to find my heart and soul with very special goals in my life now with a fresh new start in life.

i write it was always very important to me to comeback to las  vegas, in the march of 1985

and tell myself always ican be here with  my past  from the 1970’s and really be someone who cares about herself and i always tell myself it was  in my destiny to  come back

to las vegas in the 1980’s and sometimes i wish icould have figured this out sooner,

to get back to las vegas sooner in my life , but everything worked anyways, to have a very happy and special life, here in las vegas, nv.

i say to all of you there is always a way out of  this life of being a prostitute , you just have to have the courage and strength within your self to stop being in this very risky lifestyle,

life style and there is also always hope to get back on the right path of life.

this is always to be  my most meaningful message, i share with all of you today.

i am ready to write  my real life story of being a prostitute in 1972-1973 at 18 years young.

thank you for reading my blog  today

madam Vanessa,

shelley bristol





something that is always special to me

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s

and I write today in my real life story.

in 1972 I left our unlv dorm room on the sixth floor to open a business in selling sex out of ,my little studio apt at 777 naples dr by paradise and by our 1970’s jungle club lounge. I became a prostitute at 19 years young then. The lure of the money and excitement of the street stole my original dream of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology.After entering the life of prostitution, I knew in my heart  I  would never get back my dream of being a psychologist. I was so emotionally damaged that is taken me 26 years to once again dream of attending college. in 1999 I attended Cs -Nevada and I obtained a pell grant and a scholarship for a disabled person with a note taker for some of my college classes. I was  a novice student at csn making the dean’s list for the five year period I attended college, which was so important to me always.

I am writing my book  to help young women who thought of going into prostitution as a way to pay the bills. my intent was to have women follow their hearts and their very special goals in life. my book is called Hooker on a bicycle, a true story of a 1970’s   las vegas, callgirl and my book is is intended. somehow to replace my intial goal of getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I returned to unlv campus in 1990, just to wal k around a

and bring back the memories of what I lost, which always feels very sad to  me at this time.

Happily I write in February of 1998 I walk with my new friend dennis McBride, a writer and researcher of las vegas then to our special james Dickinson libraby to our unlv special collections libraby, for my first time and my friend dennis helped and inspired me to  become a writer and a researcher of las vegas , nv in the 1970’s. I was so excited then to see our 1970’s gossip paper the panorama for the first time. I would now start with this libraby help with research to write my autobiography of living in las vegas in 1972-1973 as a hooker at my apt for 6 months and also I was at our special collections libraby for 6 months researching and Xeroxing our panorama paper so I could  put together a wonderful scrapbook of our las vegas history in the 1970’s and  all the places I would be in las vegas in 1971-1973 and this scrapbook is all aboutmy life in las vegas in the 1970’s. this was all  very special to me , so I say thank to our staff at our special collection libraby and to my good friend dennis.

I saved all my writing and my scrapbook and it was very special that I got to have my own radio show  on www. vegas allnet radio, as madam Vanessa , las vegas talk of the town 1970’s in august 2013 for 75 weeks till February 2015.and I saved all my special writing   of my  real life story scripts from my radio show.

and in 2014 I visited our special collections libraby at our lied libraby which is a very pretty place at unlv and our libraby staff at special collections in 2014 was very kind and helpf ul to me and I xeroxed another 30 pages from the panorama paper that I will put in a new scrapbook and write about my life, in a new scrapbook, now. and one day I would like to donate some of my writing to our women’s archives at unlv special collection and I do have a closed writer’s file with my stories of my life and other special things in this closed writer’s file at our Nevada state museum since 2013.

thank you for reading my blog today.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today

shelley bristol



today i wish talk about this

my name is shelley Bristol

ilive in the southwest area of las vegas,nv in a nice apt complex. I am disabled.

today from my own experience I parked my compact car in a handicapped space by my rental office , I went into my rental office to play on our computer.

when I came out our mailman was not in an authorized space, he really blocked my car in and I thought I could get into my car, how nice of our usps mailman to block a handicapped person and I asked my mail man to move , igues he did not  hear  me, I thought I could get into my car. I  hurt my back and  I told my mail man he couldnot care about this. so I tried to call our post office and find a supervisor at our spring mtn post office no one will help me and I really hurt my back thanks to a very rude postal mail person. this mail man is to be reported to his supervisor.. and if he does to me again I will contac our ada in las vegas which is our equal rights commission, thru the state of Nevada, I have also been told our nice police,if someone blocks your car in you can file a police report, I guess that will happen if the mail man does this to me again

too bad I cannot give out the name of my mailman,

I guess his supervisor is at our w.spring mtn road office,in lASVEGAS,NV, 89117

and I am to file a very serious complaint with our usps and so far I cannot reach anyone. I shared this no good experience  about a cruel mailman who has no respect or compassion for people with disabilities,this is all honest that I wrote

shelley Bristol,and my back hurts from this cruel mailman, blocking my car in,who is not co nsiderate of other people.






a las vegas, nv hooker, like myself in 1972


hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s

I wanted to write when  I was a seller of sex in 1972 for 13 months of my life thru may 1973, supposedly we  only had 200 t0 300 hookers then, and the average price I could screw a local man for sex and money as a prostitute was about 30 to 50 dollars then with no pimp fee, remember I worked off my phone with only a referral and local men who lived in las vegas then , which was a   safe way to be an illegal prostitute  in 1972-1973.

last time I wrote on my blog about  how if you want to be an illegal  prostitute in clark county in the 1970’s you only gonna have hooker friends because  a woman who is not a prostitute is not going to be y our friend.

I wanted write today that my women friends that were hookers, looked as me as no threat to take their clients and would not give their clients  and you  never double dated with another hooker and my hooker friends never gave me their regulars and I did not expect that, I just wanted another hooker to hang around with since I was so lonely  as a prostitute  then, and I would not let another hooker have my clients and either would  my hooker friends and  I guess no other prostitute was in my circle of men clients then. and I shared the last time I wrote  with my hooker friends allways wanted  me to sleep with their brothers or their boyfriend for free and I learned to say no, since in the long run, this would work against or I would get used by these people if I did not say no.

the only woman friend that was a hooker was my friend dee, that I  hung around for 6 months and visited every day till,  she wanted my to sleep with her boyfriend jim that she lived with and when I said no for my own protection ,dee got very mad at me and  we never spoke again and I felt that is only reason she wanted me to be her friend ,so I would sleep for free with her live in boyfriend. yes I missed my friend dee very much after we stopped talking and when I came back to las vegas in 1985,  12 years later, I probably looked for her by being in all the places around twain and Swenson, but I knew my friend dee was gone because this woman at 32 years young in 1973, was addicted  to the drug , speed.

thanks for reading my blog today.

this is madam Vanessa, signing off today

shelley bristol




next month in march 2016, i am always to remeber my special memories of livng in las vegas for 33 years now by shelley bristol

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

my real date of coming back to las vegas from july of 1973, when I unhappily left our small city of las vegas, is really on march 20 th on a Monday afternoon, and I say  , on a Tuesday morning the next day, I have a 9 am  appointment to  re-m eet a friend of mine  from the 1970’s of las vegas who works at our old city hall on our first hall and  I always remember when I re meet my friend this good person who worked for our city in the 1970’s thru the 1990’s really remembered me, so I  have  good friend and again and have a very nice reference t o get me started with a fresh start in life in las vegas, nv  in 1985. and I stood on my  own to get back to our city of las vegas , 12 years later from 1973.

I want to start writing to share with all of you what was it like for me , to  come back to las vegas with a past of being a hooker and what did this feel like to me.

I wanted to write when I came home in 1973 with my feelings all hurt ,that I had to leave las vegas, as a illegal prostitute , because I did not want to die at 19  years young as a hooker  where some trick could beat me up badly and rip me off or die of v.d  and know would care about either in las vegas, no matter how honest I was as a prostitute.

in 1973 I left unlv to open up  business  in my own little studio apt by unlv on naples dr, where our jungle club was. I  opened up my own business with a bed and a phone to be an illegal prostitute , selling my body to local men with a referral always and this was the honest way not to get arrested as a hooker then in 1973.

so I sold my body to strange men  with many sexual partners and I  got ripped off  a few times, like many other women selling their body and for a long time I thought this was a great life to be a prostitute and be on my own, have a car and  pay all my bills and have a cute  little studio apt and dine out .

I share with all of you today , I really never got ahead with money being a hooker, between, making car pymts on  a used car and not  ever being able to afford car insurance and then paying rent and getting sick pretty often with v.d, with medicine and doctor’s visit and not answering my phone when I was sick  I never got ahead and my phone rang less , each month so I really failed as a seller of sex in las vegas in 1973 and for 13 months I survived a very rough lifestyle as a prostitute, where I could have gotten killed or beaten up badly or thrown out naked on the street, all my women friends that were  illegal prostitutes were rough women and tried to use   me  in different ways since I was young and naïve and  these relationship I had with women hookers in 1972-1973 did not  end so greatly, that , I remember, everyone wanted me to sleep with their brothers or their  boyfriends for free and I had to say no and then these other women prostitutes got mad at me and never spoke to me again.

I want to continue writing my own messages  from my life when I was 19 years young and who this all felt to me when I came back to las vegas, 12 years later, where I am a food server and donot want to get into all the games of being  a hooker in 1985 in las vegas., I have a whole  new life in front of me in las vegas, with a fresh start in 1985 at 31 years young.

this is why is so special to me to celebrate  and remember always coming back to las vegas and be so excited I finally got myself back to our special city of las vegas.

I celebrate always by being downtown and walking my path from the 1980’s or just have a great time our  special blvd mall, walking and shopping thru our blvd mall and remembering all my wonderful memories, being here at our blvd mall.

thank you for reading my blog  today,

madam Vanessa,

shelley bristol