i am writing in my scrapbook

hello this madam Vanessa, lasvegas talk of the town 1970’s. I have been writing in my scrapbook that I put together in 1998 from our panorama  paper from un lv special collections libraby when this libraby was still at our james Dickinson libraby, and I guess I would also see this place as a student at unlv in 1971-1973.

our special collections libraby at unlv in 2002 moved to the lied libraby , that I  visited again in 2014 and Xeroxed with help 30  pages from our panorama paper, that iwill put into a new scrapbook.

I will share another lesson to help all of you stay off the streets. I realized by writing ten pages of what is important to me in my life with special friends ,  a longtime ago.

there was  a person, I had to let go of when I came home to the valley in calif, since I had changed so much  as a young woman being a hooker at 18  and half years young, in 1973.

so I learned as a painful lesson in 1973, I couldnot love  or be  in a relationship from being a prostitute, I did not want to be close to anyone and I could not be honest about all the emotional hurt as a young woman selling her body to men for sex and money for 13 months of my life in 1972-1973.

so if you out there thinking about being an illegal prostitute in clark county, in las vegas.

please read this , because you can lose your self and your dreams and maybe feelings of love and being vulnerable and not being open to a relationship and I really know how this feels at 19 years young in 1973.

I am still writing important things in my scrapbook,so I may be a little less on my blog for now

thank you for reading my blog today.

this is madam Vanessa signing off.

shelley bristol






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