next month in march 2016, i am always to remeber my special memories of livng in las vegas for 33 years now by shelley bristol

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

my real date of coming back to las vegas from july of 1973, when I unhappily left our small city of las vegas, is really on march 20 th on a Monday afternoon, and I say  , on a Tuesday morning the next day, I have a 9 am  appointment to  re-m eet a friend of mine  from the 1970’s of las vegas who works at our old city hall on our first hall and  I always remember when I re meet my friend this good person who worked for our city in the 1970’s thru the 1990’s really remembered me, so I  have  good friend and again and have a very nice reference t o get me started with a fresh start in life in las vegas, nv  in 1985. and I stood on my  own to get back to our city of las vegas , 12 years later from 1973.

I want to start writing to share with all of you what was it like for me , to  come back to las vegas with a past of being a hooker and what did this feel like to me.

I wanted to write when I came home in 1973 with my feelings all hurt ,that I had to leave las vegas, as a illegal prostitute , because I did not want to die at 19  years young as a hooker  where some trick could beat me up badly and rip me off or die of v.d  and know would care about either in las vegas, no matter how honest I was as a prostitute.

in 1973 I left unlv to open up  business  in my own little studio apt by unlv on naples dr, where our jungle club was. I  opened up my own business with a bed and a phone to be an illegal prostitute , selling my body to local men with a referral always and this was the honest way not to get arrested as a hooker then in 1973.

so I sold my body to strange men  with many sexual partners and I  got ripped off  a few times, like many other women selling their body and for a long time I thought this was a great life to be a prostitute and be on my own, have a car and  pay all my bills and have a cute  little studio apt and dine out .

I share with all of you today , I really never got ahead with money being a hooker, between, making car pymts on  a used car and not  ever being able to afford car insurance and then paying rent and getting sick pretty often with v.d, with medicine and doctor’s visit and not answering my phone when I was sick  I never got ahead and my phone rang less , each month so I really failed as a seller of sex in las vegas in 1973 and for 13 months I survived a very rough lifestyle as a prostitute, where I could have gotten killed or beaten up badly or thrown out naked on the street, all my women friends that were  illegal prostitutes were rough women and tried to use   me  in different ways since I was young and naïve and  these relationship I had with women hookers in 1972-1973 did not  end so greatly, that , I remember, everyone wanted me to sleep with their brothers or their  boyfriends for free and I had to say no and then these other women prostitutes got mad at me and never spoke to me again.

I want to continue writing my own messages  from my life when I was 19 years young and who this all felt to me when I came back to las vegas, 12 years later, where I am a food server and donot want to get into all the games of being  a hooker in 1985 in las vegas., I have a whole  new life in front of me in las vegas, with a fresh start in 1985 at 31 years young.

this is why is so special to me to celebrate  and remember always coming back to las vegas and be so excited I finally got myself back to our special city of las vegas.

I celebrate always by being downtown and walking my path from the 1980’s or just have a great time our  special blvd mall, walking and shopping thru our blvd mall and remembering all my wonderful memories, being here at our blvd mall.

thank you for reading my blog  today,

madam Vanessa,

shelley bristol





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