today i wish talk about this

my name is shelley Bristol

ilive in the southwest area of las vegas,nv in a nice apt complex. I am disabled.

today from my own experience I parked my compact car in a handicapped space by my rental office , I went into my rental office to play on our computer.

when I came out our mailman was not in an authorized space, he really blocked my car in and I thought I could get into my car, how nice of our usps mailman to block a handicapped person and I asked my mail man to move , igues he did not  hear  me, I thought I could get into my car. I  hurt my back and  I told my mail man he couldnot care about this. so I tried to call our post office and find a supervisor at our spring mtn post office no one will help me and I really hurt my back thanks to a very rude postal mail person. this mail man is to be reported to his supervisor.. and if he does to me again I will contac our ada in las vegas which is our equal rights commission, thru the state of Nevada, I have also been told our nice police,if someone blocks your car in you can file a police report, I guess that will happen if the mail man does this to me again

too bad I cannot give out the name of my mailman,

I guess his supervisor is at our w.spring mtn road office,in lASVEGAS,NV, 89117

and I am to file a very serious complaint with our usps and so far I cannot reach anyone. I shared this no good experience  about a cruel mailman who has no respect or compassion for people with disabilities,this is all honest that I wrote

shelley Bristol,and my back hurts from this cruel mailman, blocking my car in,who is not co nsiderate of other people.







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