something that is always special to me

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s

and I write today in my real life story.

in 1972 I left our unlv dorm room on the sixth floor to open a business in selling sex out of ,my little studio apt at 777 naples dr by paradise and by our 1970’s jungle club lounge. I became a prostitute at 19 years young then. The lure of the money and excitement of the street stole my original dream of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology.After entering the life of prostitution, I knew in my heart  I  would never get back my dream of being a psychologist. I was so emotionally damaged that is taken me 26 years to once again dream of attending college. in 1999 I attended Cs -Nevada and I obtained a pell grant and a scholarship for a disabled person with a note taker for some of my college classes. I was  a novice student at csn making the dean’s list for the five year period I attended college, which was so important to me always.

I am writing my book  to help young women who thought of going into prostitution as a way to pay the bills. my intent was to have women follow their hearts and their very special goals in life. my book is called Hooker on a bicycle, a true story of a 1970’s   las vegas, callgirl and my book is is intended. somehow to replace my intial goal of getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I returned to unlv campus in 1990, just to wal k around a

and bring back the memories of what I lost, which always feels very sad to  me at this time.

Happily I write in February of 1998 I walk with my new friend dennis McBride, a writer and researcher of las vegas then to our special james Dickinson libraby to our unlv special collections libraby, for my first time and my friend dennis helped and inspired me to  become a writer and a researcher of las vegas , nv in the 1970’s. I was so excited then to see our 1970’s gossip paper the panorama for the first time. I would now start with this libraby help with research to write my autobiography of living in las vegas in 1972-1973 as a hooker at my apt for 6 months and also I was at our special collections libraby for 6 months researching and Xeroxing our panorama paper so I could  put together a wonderful scrapbook of our las vegas history in the 1970’s and  all the places I would be in las vegas in 1971-1973 and this scrapbook is all aboutmy life in las vegas in the 1970’s. this was all  very special to me , so I say thank to our staff at our special collection libraby and to my good friend dennis.

I saved all my writing and my scrapbook and it was very special that I got to have my own radio show  on www. vegas allnet radio, as madam Vanessa , las vegas talk of the town 1970’s in august 2013 for 75 weeks till February 2015.and I saved all my special writing   of my  real life story scripts from my radio show.

and in 2014 I visited our special collections libraby at our lied libraby which is a very pretty place at unlv and our libraby staff at special collections in 2014 was very kind and helpf ul to me and I xeroxed another 30 pages from the panorama paper that I will put in a new scrapbook and write about my life, in a new scrapbook, now. and one day I would like to donate some of my writing to our women’s archives at unlv special collection and I do have a closed writer’s file with my stories of my life and other special things in this closed writer’s file at our Nevada state museum since 2013.

thank you for reading my blog today.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today

shelley bristol




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