i write today with my heart and soul, by shelley bristol

Hello this is  madam Vanessa, lasvegas  talk of the town,1970’s

when I was 18 years old I met my  boyfriend dan lee in 1972 and  dan really lured me in to be a prostitute. he really used me  as his girlfriend as naïve and young as I was. we had 10 months together and when my boyfriend dan ended our relationship by taking my vw- bug and not returning my car and threatening  to call my parents that I was a  hooker, everything ended badly for me, but I was glad he was gone. this man really emotionally hurt me and it took a long time for me to get over this relationship.

I wanted to write I doubt  my boyfriend ever respected as a sold my body to other men for sex and money, then in 1972. I really learned from this relationship with dan in 1972 to really stand up for myself the best I could at 18 years young.

I am to write now the most meaningful message  in my real life story.

Being an illegal prostitute at a young age like myself in 1972, in las vegas, nv  at

18 years young is not a glamorous life for anyone.

I took my life  path down a different that will take my heart and soul and all my

special purpose in life away and this takes me a long time to get what mattered mos t in my heart and get back my special dreams back when I came to las vegas , nv in 1971

. I had very special goals and purposes to get a bachelor’s degree of psychology. I destroyed these goals by being an illegal prostitute in las vegas, nv for 13m onths of my life

in las vegas, nv in 1972-1973.

I wanted to write I am a very  lucky woman  that I got my strength and my goals

and  my purposes back with a very good friend of mine in the early 1980’s. this  good man and my best friend will mentor me to stop myself from being so embarrassed about my life as  a young woman being a hooker at 19 years young and I always had no right t o be em barrased about my life  in 1972-1973 as a seller of sex ,since I was very honest and straightforward with myself and the  male clients to pay me to have sex with  them.

my best friend will teach me in 1983 that  i can come back to las vegas in 1985, at 31 years young

to find my heart and soul with very special goals in my life now with a fresh new start in life.

i write it was always very important to me to comeback to las  vegas, in the march of 1985

and tell myself always ican be here with  my past  from the 1970’s and really be someone who cares about herself and i always tell myself it was  in my destiny to  come back

to las vegas in the 1980’s and sometimes i wish icould have figured this out sooner,

to get back to las vegas sooner in my life , but everything worked anyways, to have a very happy and special life, here in las vegas, nv.

i say to all of you there is always a way out of  this life of being a prostitute , you just have to have the courage and strength within your self to stop being in this very risky lifestyle,

life style and there is also always hope to get back on the right path of life.

this is always to be  my most meaningful message, i share with all of you today.

i am ready to write  my real life story of being a prostitute in 1972-1973 at 18 years young.

thank you for reading my blog  today

madam Vanessa,

shelley bristol






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