a special rememberance for me

hello this is shelley Bristol, aka , madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town ,  1970’s . I wanted  to write today we are starting our march madness in las vegas, very soon and I come back to our special  city of las vegas, nv  in march 1985 from twelve years I  left las vegas, nv in  july of 1973, I wanted to write, it would take time for me to figure out how to get back to las vegasin the 1980’s  and I finally drove in  car in 1985 for 6 hours  by myself to get here and stay at  new person.s home for 5 days on their sofa so I may get to our old city hall and start a fresh new life with a good and honest person to help me get settled here  with a good  reference, I would now be 31 years young in 1985 and walk around town , telling everyone I lived here in the 1970’s and It was always my destiny to come back to las vegas in 1985.

I want to remember  living in las vegas for 33 years now and what it always special  to me and seeing our old city hall for the first time on the first floor  and  re- meeting someone there from the 1970’s and meeting other nice people who work at city hall then.

I would also meet our very nice people at our culinary hall then and be sent out on jobs as a cocktail server and then get to our dunes  casino as a cocktail server in 1986 and be there at this job  , the next  four years.

and in 1985 it would be so special to visit our unlv dorm , Tonopah hall and walk on the first floor again and walk thru our student union and remember all my special memories of being at unlv in 1971- and 1973

and in our commercial center our ice capades chalet  that I worked in 1972, became a Christian reading room and our commercial center in 1985 is still thriving with old businesses then. I would continue to visit our commercial center many times to have lunch there and get my hair and nails done there at our beauty schools threw  1989.

I was so happy to see our blvd mall with different stores now in 1985 and I love to shop and buy things always at our blvd mall and our first expansion of our blvd mall in 1992 was really very pretty then. in 1985 I would also visit our very classy bar with great burgers, which was our huey’s on Maryland and twain across from the blvd mall, now champagne’s cocktail that I still visit thru today.

I have a lot of choices  with being my 33 years in las vegas, nv , maybe I drive to our blvd mall and have a nice lunch there and go visit our nice bartender in the daytime at champagne’s,

I  would still like to go downtown , but I can’t go alone , it is too crowded for me and I want to visit our battista’s restaurant  , but I  want to have a date for downtown and battista’s with a nice man. to always remember my   33 years living in las vegas. nv

thank for your reading my blog today

this is  madam Vanessa, signing off today

shelley bristol






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