i am trying to write on journal

I need to write this today, I want to write about  2 very cruel and vindicative people in  our city of las vegas  and what they were capable and how I my home  was violated and many thing missing and my sweet dog maury was almost crushed and killed.

these cruel and vindicative people names are steve hanley  702869-9817 and Sharon golding, m is golding was my friend and my family was always good to her and my family and friends  and my self are very hurt and ashamed o f this woman Sharon golding.

the true honest story my roommate friend  passed away and as a senior on limited income I had to find a mover, so I hired steve hanley tel# 702869-9817, he never fulfilled his job he demanded his 400.00 upfront and had full access with key s to both my apts. many things I had a long time were broken and many important things I had  for a long time our gone and things I had to have as a disabled women are gone so when I contacted mr hanley on all my things missing he claimed he did not steal from me and he told if I went to the cops he threatened me and my father since we are both on social security, mr hanley verbally assaulted with his threats 2x and I contacted my father on this matter, and mi ss golding, verbally slandered me on the telephone and  in my view is plotting revenge against me since I asked for  her help to get my thing backs. all a lawyer can do for me is send this two cruel and vindicate bullies is send them a letter to get my money back on this move. I am so hurt by all of this, I wish  I could get over this and about miss Sharon golding she lied to me a ndmy father that she would give credits to a round trip to the valley where my family lives      to visit my mom who is terminal , I thought this was beyond cruel since steve hanley and Sharon golding know how sick both my parents was, and this move to move me into a small apt was a cruel and intention al  by miss golding and mr hanley.

mr hanley is a transmission repair person working out of his home around alta and rainbow,

these two people profited very selfish on my family with their cruel dishonesty, verbal threats against my family and verbally  slander,  I believe they broke the law also, but this is so hard to prove.

please keep yourself away from these very mean people who live in las vegas. it will take me time to get over this  intention cruelty and dishonesty of Sharon golding and steve hanley. thank you for reading my blog today. I had to get this out of my system to start healing. from shelley bristol




One thought on “i am trying to write on journal

  1. I honestly believe Sharon golding and steve hanley had cruel intentions to destroy my home and break my furniture and and this the furniture was thrown in one place and my dog maury was almost crushed and killed , these vindictive people didnto care about anyone but to hurt many people with verbal slander of me and my family and verbal threats on the phone from steve to threaten me and my father and I hope for these two people their mean and cruel gain comes back at both of them. I told the awful truth of what people are capable of to hurt other people, thank you for reading this comment today


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