it is time for me to write again

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

in 1973 when I drive to our downtown las vegas, I remember this our downtown is very clean and busy even in the daytime. I go to the movies at this time a new  movie thearte with 3  cinemas  has just opened and we have a new parking lot. when I come back in 1985 this movie thearte are gone and our mr bea’s   very cute and stylish , 2 stores on fourth and fremont are gone and so is our penney’s and sears on lv blv and fremont.

Our  gift stores in the 1970’s also have  fake green turquoise with silver in downtown for maybe 4.00 and I buy this cute jewelry then.

At this time at downtown we also have women wear cute polyester blue suits and white cowboy hats  walking downtown and getting out of state  married couples to go to a las vegas show and sell land  in Pahrump at this time. I always remember this and asking these women what they are selling and walkin g for in downtown.

I see  Pahrump in 1973, I flew  in a small plane with a nice man for the afternoon out of north las vegas airport and  we landed in Pahrump right on sheri’s brothel, landing strip

and this  nice man landed the plane and we went into sheri’ brothel to give  all the people who live at this brothel,  to have steaks to eat.

so my friend and I  visited everyone at this brothel in 1973 and I chatted with all the women who worked there, who gave a nice tour of this big house that was kept very pretty and immaculate and then I sat at the bar there drinking a coke and waiting for my date  who was talking to the owner of sheri’s who was a man then.

later that day we got back on our little plane and flew back to our north  las vegas airport, which took about I hour and 15 minutes to get back to north las vegas,

it was a nice day together with my friend and I enjoyed meeting everyone , the staff and  working women at this legal brothel and this time in 1973, I was told a legal prostitute at sheri’s made over 1000 dollars a month and to me this was good money and  this was all legal and safe and still is today.

I will continue to share my experiences as a 19 year old hooker in las vegas in 1972-1973 for 13 months of my life as a young woman  then with my own  honest messages that I write  and share with all of you, to help all women stay off the streets and out of the prostitution trade and I hope my  sincere messages ,  and I say as madam Vanessa, saving one girl at a time is always my goal to help all of you and I want my autobiography of being an illegal prostitute when I was 19 years young to inspire all of  you always to have positive and constructive lives.

thank you for reading my blog,

madam Vanessa,

shelley Bristol

I am doing my best to get back on my blog, at this time I am having difficulty walking.



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