A good message for women

hello las vegas and all over the world , this is madam Vanessa , las vegas talk of the town 1970’s.

I say as madam Vanessa walk back to the streets of las vegas,nv with me as 19 year old  hooker, these true stories I share with you today on my blog are from 1972 from our  very and very classy  pretty hotel the Tropicana hotel, where in the 1970’s the day bellman are making  good money getting hookers for the men clients staying at this busy hotel.

yes as a 19 year old hooker in las vegas in 1972, I get dates from men clients at our Tropicana hotel and  and you had to really know someone to work with a bellman in  a hotel in 1970’s las vegas.

the bellman arrangement   to get a girl  for a men client was  I  kept 60 per cent  of the date and the bellman got 40 per cent and you better pay a bellman,  and bellman could set you up with a cop to be arrested and you still could  get v.d from a client and also get beaten up from a male hotel guest as a illegal prostitute then too.

so being a illegal prostitute on the  las vegas strip in a classy hotel , was not so safe or glamorous as we all believed then and I f I wanted to make steady money as a young prostitute at 19 years young in 1972-1973, I was safer to be with local men who wanted sex with a young women for money and no commitments of any kind. I wanted to write getting v.d from having many sex partners, was expensive to get better and then I stop working to get healthy and I lose clients because  I donot answer my phone when I  was sick with v.d and then your business slows down as a prostitute and my phone rang less every  month and if you weigh getting sick and paying for doctor visits and medicine and losing y our clients every month as a young woman  selling my body then, I never got ahead, so in the end of me being a prostitute , I failed as a business woman and as a  seller of sex. iwanted to write after 13 months of being a hooker at  18-19 years young in 1972-1973, I had  the courage to stop selling my body and go home to my parents and start all over with my life and go back to community college to get  my grades up to get to cal state Northridge                 around my21st birthday  in 1974.

believe me  I was not a happy person , when I left las vegas in july of 1973t I did not want  to die of v.d and no one would care about me and  get  beaten up badly by a male client in  las vegas, then

I was emotionally and physically hurt by being a prostitute as a young woman and would take a long time to get over this and  I was so hard on my self for this and I had no reason for this because  with my rough lifestyle as a hooker, I was very honest and straight forward to all my  sex clients and I was honest about who I was to make money as a seller of sex.

I want to end with this there is always hope to leave this very dangerous life style  of  being an illegal prostitute , living on the street, like I did when I was 19 years old and it took me along time to realize, I wanted to live in our special city of las vegas  once again, I got here with all my strength with heart and soul and I guess that is why it so special to me , that I  should always remember I got back to las vegas in 1985, in march and I should always celebrate being downtown every march to remember this , since my first day back in las vegas, in march is that I am downtown   on the first floor of our now zappos’ building.

thank you for reading my blog today.

and I write these message to help all of you,  and donot sell yourself short in life and get lured in the street to become an illegal prostitute for sex , money.

I  share my experience of being a hooker when I was 18 years young with honest message to inspire all women to have positive and constructive lives.

this is madam Vanessa, signing off

shelley bristol




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