what would i like to write

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

yes I am very upset that three more places will be closing downtown this summer  and I cannot even  get  to  our mermaids , la bayou and the girls  of glitter gulch, I  have eaten and sat and rested at these casinos and applied many times at our girls of glitter gulch as  a waitress and I also believe  mermaids or our sassy sally’s , was once a nice restaurant called cosmos underground, that you stepped down to and I worked there about 1993 as a food server for the grand opening then. I really want to say good bye to all these places and to make our downtown busier with big casino’s downtown just sounds expensive for food , drinks and parking and not supporting our local economy to get locals to go downtown, I feel all my special memories of being downtown are gone and it feels like to me , that our zappo’s is important to our community in las vegas and our downtown score , business mentoring is also important to downtown, that I have a very  good experience with in 2013 and when I first come back to las vegas in 1985 and of course in our downtown we should have  2 courthouses, with reasonable parking fees and access  that is easy to walk to both courthouses.

and  as I write my message for all  you,  today for women to stay off the street and out of the prostitution trade, if you out there thinking about being an illegal prostitute in clark county, I n las vegas,. I  want to share with all of you, if you want to be a seller of sex and sell  your body for sex and money, you have to have no conscious, to get  undressed in front of a man you donot know to have sex an  I  guess having sex with a stranger is like a business, that you set a price to pay for  your sexual services and you have a conscious being a hooker, this can hurt you physically and emotional, and this is what exactly what happened to me when I was 19 years young living the life as an illegal prostitute  in las vegas in 1972 and 1973, all on my  own and being all alone with hardly any real friends who really cared about me and I was always very honest to my self and everyone I met me as  young prostitute. and honestly to get  up every day and  make  sure I answer my phone to have sex dates for thirteen months of my young life then, made a strong and hard woman and my whole personality changed from being a young woman just going to college at unlv then, to living on the street , selling my body for sex and money to pay  bills and support myself and have a  car.  after being a young woman in 1972 , living  a hard life as a seller of sex, this was very hard for me to get over, one reason is  I had no to talk to how hurt I was emotionally by this and no one listened to me then.

for me to get all over this emotional hurt and feeling used up by men at 19 years, iwas very hard on myself , for  no reason at all, since iwas very honest as a callgirl then and I always felt embarrassed about  my past and this took a long time to get over this and forgive myself, otherwise If I never forgave myself for being a hooker, icould never get back to our special city of las vegas, in march 1985, 12 year later and yes I was a little embarrassed about having a past  of being a hooker, when I came back to lasvegas in 1985.

I should write about what it felt like  to me in 1985  when I came back here to las vegas and remember some memories of being here in 1971-1973.

thanks for reading my blog  today,.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today.

shelley bristol