my friendship with officer rocky roadin 1972-1973

I wanted to write I would remain friends with my cop friend till 1999 and my cop friend left his job in 1972 to get a better in the city of las vegas and worked for our city of las vegas for 27 years until he passed with a long life and we all know this is not his real name, that I will not share with anything.
thank you madam vanessa

Welcome to Madam Vanessa LV.

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s,

from our ads in our gossip paper  , the panorama paper

a coupon   downtown casino center, next to the el cortz, rooms 6.00 dollars,

free cash, gambling script a breakfast , show, souvenirs

crest motel 207 n. 6th street, 382-5642

downtowner motel, 8 th ogden,

add 2.00 for fri and sat and holidays, this place would be by our el cortez then.

another ad is gigi hairstylists -formerly miss elizabeths, high styling or pin curls, expert hair cutting, wig sales, 2307 las vegas blvd so,

open 930-9p.m . tues thru- sat,

this paper  has our vegas vampire , real name jim parker with his photo, for a  columnist in our panorama paper and our special vegas vampire had his own horror movie show in the early 1970’s on channel5- in Henderson ,nv

In November of 1972, my friend…

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