Madam Vanessa is the persona of a young college girl in Las Vegas in the 1970’s. This show will recount her life in chronological order from September of 1971 to July of 1973. The controversies of being a single young woman in a 24 hour party town will be highlighted in each show and a young woman’s journey from an innocent to a strong woman of independence and finally realizing who she is and how she wished she could have done it differently.

About Madam Vanessa Originally from Van Nuys, California, Madam Vanessa moves to Las Vegas at the young age of 17 to attend University of las Vegas, NV as a psychology major. She flunked out of UNLV and didn’t return to college until 27 years later. Madam Vanessa has worked as a cocktail server, bartender, substitute teacher, and a volunteer for the United Way. She attends classes at a local senior center, disco dances for exercise, swims regularly, and enjoys the company of her poodle, Maury. Madam Vanessa is currently penning her autobiography about her life.


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